I’ll be sharing some of my experience in running webinars (come & say hi! đź‘‹)

Hi everyone! Some of you may not follow me on Linkedin or on Twitter, so I’m dropping a short blog post to (1) let you know I now work as Head of Marketing at Didomi and (2) invite you to an upcoming webinar I am organizing. I usually don’t do this here, but it’s a first time for me, and I’d be keen to have some of you on board.

The current context is unique, and none of us really knows when it will end. Today, at 3PM, the French Prime Minister will announce our way out of quarantine… we’ll see what we can do from May 11th onwards. For sure, remote work will remain a reality for some time… especially for “white-collar” tech workers – like myself – who have the luck to be able to work from home.

You probably have noticed the many webinars that are being organized. Aren’t your mailboxes & social media feeds full of them!? It’s true that webinars are a highly effective way to share valuable content, present your company‘s products & services, discuss with prospects and gather interesting leads along the way.

  • But how to organize them?
  • Where to start? What tools to use?
  • How much time & money will it take & what can you expect?

The answers depend a lot on how much resources you have and what you want to get out of it. But it is not that hard, as long as you have some time, a computer 💻🎧 and good internet! I happen to have hands-on experience in planning & running webinars. I’d like to share some of it – including templates to use for free (see below) – in this session.

Here are some areas that I propose you to address:

  •  What content can I use? I don’t have any ideas
  •  What tools can I use to host the webinar if I have no money? And if I do?
  •  What are the main steps, from planning to analysis? (I’ll share my 6-step checklist)
  •  How much time should I plan for promotion? (I’ll share my usual promo plan)
  •  Do I need to spend money? Where should I spend? (I’ll share how I track spending)
  •  Should I present live? What are the pros & cons of live vs. pre-recorded webinars?
  •  How do I analyze results? What are relevant indicators (I will share my KPI tracker)
  •  How do I follow-up after the webinar? Do people expect to hear back?
  •  What about compliance? How do I properly collect data B2B & B2C contexts?

I will share practical tips from our professional experience. It is neither perfect nor exhaustive, and obviously the content will be influenced by my own experience in companies that have marketing teams, partner agencies, a tech stack and money to invest in ads to run & promote webinars.

But the objective is not to speak only to tech marketers; many of which probably know much of what we’ll share already! I just want to help anyone with ideas and an internet connection to conduct webinars, and to do so efficiently. Don’t hesitate to send questions on Twitter: @YannigRoth.

You can register directly on the dedicated Livestorm page (Livestorm is a tool made in France that I will warmly recommend during my session, even though it is not free).


See you then 🙂

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