I will be interviewing Seth Godin at Yes We Trust Summit, come join me ðŸ¤²

Yes We Trust Summit is this year’s most ambitious privacy event, gathering marketers, compliance & tech executives around the idea that privacy drives trust and growth. Find our more on yes-we-trust.com.

A couple of years ago, I have shared – in French and on this blog – how much I enjoyed reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” which almost energized me to the point of launching my company! Much more recently, I have also read his classic “Permission Marketing” and, I don’t remember when exactly when I watched it, but I also warmly recommend the hilarious “This is broken” TED Talk from 2006.

He will be one of the star speakers at Yes We Trust Summit, and I will have the pleasure to moderate the Q&A with the audience.

On October 7th, I will have the pleasure to meet and interview Seth Godin as one of the keynote speakers of the Yes We Trust Summit. We have invited him because he is one of the most well-known marketing leaders today, who has the experience and talent to turn complicated marketing and media jargon into simple, understandable wisdom. What he says is full of common sense, and I feel that the industry – from tech to privacy or marketing – can benefit from that.

Thanks to my relationships with academia, we have also confirmed some great track chairs, two of which are already confirmed and available on the program, Karim Lakhani and Thales Teixeira (whose paper I blogged about a couple of years ago, in this post titled “Getting Consumers’ Attention Becomes More Expensive“). I met both at the Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School in 2014.

Find out more about the speakers on the dedicated page of the Yes We Trust website.

Beyond the speakers and Seth Godin’s keynote, what will the day be about ?

Yes We Trust is meant to be(come) a globally recognized brand, a platform with aim to discuss the many ways to create and foster trust today. This year, the theme is How Privacy Drives Business and we have designed the Yes We Trust Summit, specifically, to be an inspiring combination of public keynote sessions, dedicated moments of discussion and private networking (contact me for more info about the latter)

Together with our partners, we have crafted a full-day program that should allow anyone to learn how to build trust through privacy in various areas of business. On October 7th, we will start the day with a keynote by Brittany Kaiser, whistleblower in the Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook the world in 2018.

Click to register for the keynote

Have you seen The Great Hack on Netflix? Then you should know who Brittany Kaiser is. It’s quite bold from us to invite a critic of the system, but – hey – you don’t make an event interesting by only inviting yes-men to the table.

Then, we will have 4 tracks to discuss trust in business today:

We want to make the conference worthwhile attending, because not all privacy & marketing conferences are cool. It’s too easy to have a series of webinars with speakers that chit-chat about their experience, and while that already is quite hard to organize, we want to make something better. Something that leaves a lasting impression.

One thing we will do is to ask participants of the Summit to watch the Arkangel episode of Black Mirror, available on Netflix.


Because it’s quite a disturbing episode about the role of technology in our lives, about surveillance without consent (by the child) and about the disturbing exaggeration of tracking. Here’s the trailer (but I encourage you to watch the full episode to grasp the full extent of the surveillance, it’s quite disturbing):

There are other Black Mirror episodes that would have been worth including in the program, like The Entire History of You, set in a future where a “grain” technology records people’s audiovisual senses and allows a person to re-watch their entire memories, or White Christmas, an episode exploring three separate, including one about training “cookies”, digital clones of people.

But we had to make a choice, so we chose the Arkangel one.

We’ll also discuss innovative concepts during the Summit, like the Digital Buddy imagined by IKEA’s innovation lab to imagine a privacy-first smart home (more about it here), but I think I’ve said enough for today.

Then, it’s at 5PM CEST (European summer-time) that Seth Godin will hold the day’s final keynote, which I will be moderating:

Click to register for the keynote

Oh, one last thing…

Godin’s will be the day’s last keynote, but it’s not the day’s last animation.

We will be organizing a “cookie bake-off” open to all, so that all Yes We Trust registrants can make excellent homemade cookies (after all, it’s the end of third-party cookies soon). Animated by Eddie Benghanem, chef at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at the Trianon in Versailless, France,, where he is responsible for the daily preparation of pastries and cakes.

🍪 Because, in terms of cookies, you’re never better served than by yourself, right? 🥁

Register here for the Summit!

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