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About me

ROTH_Yannig 4x3 H-9812Hi,

My name is Yannig Roth, I am Marketing Manager at eYeka, one of the world’s leading creative crowdsourcing providers. eYeka’s community members, who come from more than 160 different countries representing all continents, participate in creative contests to express their creativity and to connect with leading brands to solve real-world problems with fresh ideas. At eYeka, I am responsible for all things related to lead generation, branding, advertising, PR, competitive intelligence or research coordination.

I am also a PhD and MSc in marketing as I graduated from Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and ESSCA School of Management. My thesis addresses consumers’ motivations to partake in creative crowdsourcing, especially with the use of crowdsourcing for innovation and marketing by big companies. This technique is increasingly used since the 2000’s, as this regularly updated interactive crowdsourcing timeline shows (based on the data, I have written the “The State of Crowdsourcing in 2015” trend report with eYeka’s leadership team). I also teach marketing- and innovation-related courses at various universities and business schools.

Beside work, I am also a passionate endurance athlete. I have raced my bike in the U.S. where I was U23 Criterium Florida State Champion in 2010, ran various half-marathons and marathons in Europe, completed Ironman France in 2013. I am always training for the next challenge, convinced that health is a gift of nature, personal drive is everyone’s best fuel and that sport makes people happy.

This blog allows me to write about various subjects like crowdsourcing, marketing, design, branding, innovation…  but also sports, my favorite books, conferences I attended or other events. We all benefit from sharing knowledge – don’t we?


If you want to get in touch, contact me here. You can also check my social media profiles:


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