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Demand Gen Strategy

You need marketing to deliver on ambitious growth targets? Your sales and marketing teams are not pulling in the same direction? You wonder how to allocate your resources for efficient lead & demand generation?

I can help you audit & improve your Dem Gen, from strategy to execution!

Brand Diagnosis

Your company has incoherent branding? Your positioning doesn’t resonate with your target audience? Competition is heating up and you fear that customers won’t notice you anymore?

Let’s thoroughly look at your brand & make a plan to keep it relevant!

Content & Brand Strategy

You don’t know what content to produce to be seen by your audience? How much is enough to be produced and repurposed? Your content falls flat compared to your competitors?

Let’s find your content sweet spot and deliver it on the right channels, at the right time!

Product Documentation

You have not listed your product’s benefits and features? You need to create or update documentation to support a major release? You’d like customer-facing teams to have all the answers?

Release me on a discovery tour of your product, and I’ll make a plan for you!

Revenue Operations

You have a messy tech stack that doesn’t run smoothly enough? Your teams don’t have clear processes to follow from lead to deal? You have no clear idea of your budget and how it fares against forecasted KPIs?

I genuinely enjoy the idea of organizing & facilitating your work!

Go-To-Market Plans

You have a launch date but no precise roll-out plan? You want to increase the likelihood of succeeding in a new market? You need a solid, well-researched a realistic 360° marketing plan?

Entrust me with your project and we’ll align everyone for success!

User & Market Research

You don’t know who your target personas really are? Your team doesn’t have any reliable, documented research to plan & execute? You need to quantify your total addressable market?

Delegate the nitty-gritty work to someone with a strategic mindset!

Marketing Strategy & Plans

You need an expert to make up and refine a plan for you? You want to challenge your existing marketing strategy? You need to bring campaigns, budget, analysis and agility under one roof?

I can build your marketing plan, or act as a trusted partner to make it better!

“An exceptionally smart, diligent and knowledgeable marketing mind. Yannig brings precision and maniacal attention to detail to everything he does, he is an expert marketer with a well rounded approach to strategy, execution and management.”

Marketing & Comms Leader

“Yannig balances a keen eye for details with an understanding of the big picture, while striving for effectiveness. He will certainly be an asset to any company looking to establish a reputation.”

Comms & Strategic Planning Leader

“Yannig demonstrates a superior ability to think strategically and conceptually without losing the direct link with concrete practice. He successfully connects theory and business, shows high enthusiasm, continuous positive behavior and eagerness to help and support.”

Senior Strategy Consultant

“Yannig is a strategic thinker who invests a lot of time in processes, planning, and delivery, and truly values good communication and feedback in order to continuously improve performance..”

Country Marketing Leader

“Yannig’s enthusiasm and passion shone through, as did his ability to convey the company’s communication priorities to us, his PR agency. Yannig would be a real asset to any marketing department, capable of juggling multiple stakeholders and priorities to achieve the best results.”

Integrated Comms Leader

“Yannig is highly driven, he joined us at a key point when our marketing strategy needed to be developed, his strong and clear understanding of our industry supported his high value input.”

Sales & Partnership Director

I can help your company grow and shine

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