In May: Facebook on mobile, Airpods are “a tragedy” & first Loop delivery

fossil airpods

“Fossil” (photo by J. Koebler, via

May has been an exciting month for me, you’ll soon know more… but it has also been a very stimulating one, with these 6 stories of content really worth a read, view & look.

From mobile strategy to responsible consumption and failed investing, here’s my May article digest. I hope you’ll enjoy it and wish you a great Ascension weekend! Continue reading →

My Favorites in December: CMO Interviews, Undelivered Letters & Happy New Year!

Photograph: Hague Museum for Communication (via

Photograph: Hague Museum for Communication (via

The year 2015 is over, and after WordPress sent me my 2015 annual blogging report, I start by thanking the readers of this blog, who mainly arrived here through Facebook, eYeka’s blog and Twitter. The 64,000 viewers of the blog came from 179 countries in 2015, most of them from France (about 20,000) and the United States (about 15,000). But enough of the numbers, just a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for your interest!

In this December recap, I share some of my favorite links that inspired, interested or entertained me – and maybe you’ll like them too? Below are some CMO interviews, articles about (social) media, cycling or memorabilia, and more stuff that I enjoyed looking at in December.

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Twiinkly Wants To Crowdsource The Photo Coverage of (Sport) Events

Click on the image to see Twiinkly on the App Store

Click on the image to see Twiinkly on the App Store

I love running, and I somehow I am interested in crowdsourcing too (you didn’t notice?), so I’d like to feature an exciting start-up here. Twiinkly, founded by Christophe Delalande (SKEMA 2009) and Martin Gaffuri (ESSCA 2009), wants to leverage events’ audiences to enable better coverage by the spectators: “As an onsite spectator, become actor of the live coverage by taking photos and sharing them on Twiinkly,the App Store description says, “enter a runner’s name or their bib number to customise the race timeline and have a unique and personalised live coverage experience.” Here’s more about Twiinkly. Continue reading →