Articles I enjoyed in the last five (!) months: Switching jobs, the risk of VC investment & Parisian etiquette

paris etiquetteThe last blog post I wrote about my favorite articles dates 5 months back. It feels like an eternity.

These have been pretty eventful: I switched from one tech company to another, have taken time for myself between both jobs, picked up running quite seriously again, spent a lot of time reading, and – now – we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Crazy. Let me share 10 tweets from the last five months… which may or may not be related to the above events. Continue reading →

My favorites of December: Armstrong’s investment, Google friendship & Future of books

Here google friendship new yorkerare my 6 favorite articles of December 2018, the last of a great year 2018 (despite the problems in the world and the worries we all have, I like to look at it positively). You’ll find a couple of articles about branding and the Parisian startup scene, but also 2 longer pieces about “the Google friendship”  and the future of books. Continue reading →

In August: SoftBank’s Vision Fund, Target’s Vision Connect App & Investors’ Crypto Awakening

target app

Milkos/iStock via

Here are some very interesting summer reads I would like to spread the word about. A cool portrait of a Japanese star-investor, a fabulous co-creative tool used by the American supermarket chain Target, a rather sad article about deceived crypto investors and more. I still enjoy reading about tech, growth and the challenges brought along by success and growth. It’s so easy to look at companies and their policies in hindsight and/or from the outside, criticizing their choices and policies. But one ought to remember that people build companies, and that people are limited, biased, imperfect trying to make the most of themselves and the organizations they work for. Continue reading →

Bye Bye eYeka, Hello WiSEED

WiSEED's homepage, opening doors to investment opportunities in startups, real estate projects & more (click to see more)

WiSEED’s homepage (click to see more)

After more than 5 years at eYeka, which have taught me a lot about marketing, communication, creativity, crowds, earned me a Masters and a PhD… I am happy to share that I will be joining WiSEED, the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform, as Marketing & Communications Director.

The platform has been a pioneer since its inception (created in 2008, online in June 2009), first by creating the equity crowdfunding model, then by diversifying investment opportunities to real estate or cooperatives, and many exciting projects are in the pipeline. I will participate in building the brand, growing and scaling the business, improving the user experience, among other things.

It is an exciting time to join WiSEED, and I hope to keep empowering crowds with this new endeavor. Here is a short post about what equity crowdfunding is, and why I think it’s a really interesting model for the future of business.

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