In June: Eating less meat, the Creepiness–Convenience Tradeoff & “…it’s always been cats.”

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It has been boiling hot here in France this week, with temperatures above 40°C in many places across the country. It’s difficult to argue that these extreme temperatures are unrelated to climate change, which in turn is caused by much of our human activity… including what we eat.

In my favorites reads of the month, you’ll find a great, interactive, well-illustrated, data-rich NYT article about food and climate change… as well as a number of usual suspects about marketing, technology and the likes. Enjoy the read, and stay tuned in the next days.

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In April: @WSJ about Finance, @TakieDelaRu about Homelessness & @Sunweb’s Indefinite Sponsorship

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Today, Tom Dumoulin rolled into Pink at the Giro d’Italia (held in Jerusalem!). I know, this is May, not April… but I mention this because one of my favorite pieces of news in April is about Sunweb’s sponsorship engagement. His team has signed an unprecedented new agreement with its title sponsor, which will back the team on an indefinite basis. Other cool articles are about artificial intelligence, the evolution of finance in the last 10 years… or a very moving Russian animation about homeless people.

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I’m Happy To Share My Data For Research Purposes (#Crowdsourcing #CoCreation #OpenInnovation #Marketing)

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We all benefit from sharing knowledge” I like to say. That’s why I initially started this blog, that’s why I keep it alive and blog on other platforms too. That’s also why I chose to share panel data a while ago, which I hope has been used by people to better understand motivations and willingness to engage in online co-creation.

Now I would like to offer 3 more opportunities to benefit from data I’ve gathered over the years – and that I’d hate to see sit idle on my hard drive: the Creatives In The Crowd data (map), the Crowdsourcing Timeline data (timelines), and the “eYeka Research Survey 2014” data (survey). You may use it for academic, market or trend research… truth is that I won’t be able to analyze it all. So let’s discuss! Continue reading →

My Favorites Of October: Singapore’s Tight Data Surveillance, Google’s Investment In Cinematic Reality & 7 Advantages A PhD

Image via FlickrIn October, which I spent in Singapore for work, I read and watched a couple of interesting things (note that I changed this series from “My Favorite Readings…” to “My Favorites …” because I’ll feature more images, videos and interactive sites rather than just articles from now on).

One of the articles is a great Foreign Policy article about Singapore’s electronic surveillance policy, explaining how the government is watching Big Data to “protect national security [and] engineer a more harmonious society.”

Other topics include articles about the specificities of the academic job market, a start-up innovation program launched by Coca-Cola, a documentary about the creative brief, a cool creative filmmaking project launched in 3 world cities (including Paris), Google’s latest investment and more.

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To End 2013, Some Stats From The Crowdsourcing Timeline

Click to access timeline

Click to access timeline

It’s been a little more than a year that I started curating crowdsourcing initiatives by the World’s Best Global Brands on this timeline. As I write this, there are now 479 examples of crowdsourcing listed, with information about the initiatiors, objectives and results of each initiative – at least I try to keep it updated to the best I can! I’m extremely humbled that some of the brightest minds in business and academia (@lindegaard, @jtwinsor, @bogers, @klakhani, @masscustom)  also appreciate this timeline. As we are ending 2013 these days, and starting 2014, let me just share some facts based on this timeline’s data. Just scroll down and let the visualizations speak by themselves. Continue reading →

Crowdsourcing a new map design for Paris’ subways


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Creads, a Paris-based crowdsourcing platform for design and advertising, has recently launched held a design contest for CheckMyMetro. Fed up with the Parisian transport authority’s refusal to open its data to designers, the founder of CheckMyMetro wanted to find an alternative visualization of one of the world’s densest metro networks. The winner is an experienced graphic designer from the South of France, Antoine Raby, who has designed maps too. Here’s more about this initiative… Continue reading →