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for personal growth.

Let’s empower you & your teams for growth 🌱

Candidate Assessment

You are hiring like crazy and lack time & skills to identify true talent? You want to avoid (yet another) costly hiring mistake? You’d like an external point-of-view on final candidates?

Contact me, I can help you assess sales & marketing talent, from IC to C-level!

Team Assessment

Your team dynamics are broken and you don’t understand how to solve it? You want to optimize performance or increase well-being? You want to challenge your team’s composition?

I have led various teams, on-site and remote, let us make a plan for happier teams!

Manager Empowerment

You truly believe in someone and want to increase their chances to succeed as a manager? You feel that a young manager might need support in his new role?

I help various young leaders in their journey to becoming great managers!

Advisory Boards

You want to gather qualified, experienced people to discuss your strategy? You seek to expand your network and brainpower by assembling a group of trusted advisors?

I can help you assemble, gather and animate your advisory board!

Individual Mentoring

You feel lost in your job, or someone within your company has a serious dip in motivation? You desperately want to avoid burn-out within your team or among your leadership?

Let us book some time to discuss individual mentoring and coaching!

Collective Training

You want to break functional, geographical or even personal silos? You need to build momentum for a highly important project, or in a critical phase of your company?

Let us discuss how to foster and nurture positive team dynamics!

Executive Coaching

You are under pressure to deliver more results with less resources? You don’t find meaning in your current job despite visible success? You have hit a glass ceiling and don’t know how to break it?

I have helped many leaders navigate complex situations and see clearer!

“Yannig provided support and promoted a healthy risk-taking culture within the team. We try things out, see how it works, and learn from it. In my opinion, this is what a stimulating, thriving work environment looks like.”

Content Marketer

“Great capacity to listen, understand, question and give constructive criticism. He allowed me to step back a lot on my day-to-day and to have healthy conflicts making the debates evolve.”

Growth Leader

“We had a critical need of alignment: our expectations were high, the environment was complex and volatile, and communication was spread among several managers. Yannig succeeded to coordinate and manage all the communication aspects of the company.”

Co-founder & General Manager

“Yannig is a leader and a mentor who truly trusts his team and is committed to providing the right tools for everyone to grow and nurture skills.”

Lead Marketer

“What I value most is his way of offering constructive feedback, his openness to being challenged, and how he built trust through transparency and empathy.”

Country Marketing Leader

“Having had Yannig as a mentor when I took up my managerial position, I was able to take full advantage of his experience and his advice. Yannig is a professional armed with a strong ability to listen and great empathy. Exchanging with him during my various mentoring sessions was a real source of additional motivation.

Sales Team Leader

I can help you (and your team) grow and shine

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