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My Favorites Of June: #CSReport2017, Reverse Mentoring & Apple’s Campus

15 June 2017

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A beautiful month of June comes to an end. We’re well into July, so it is time to share some of my favorites articles of the last 30 days. Besides a long article about Apple’s new campus in Cupertino – in which the legacy of Steve Jobs is discussed as much as architecural details – I am sharing articles about marketing, advertising, strategy management… and the financing of U.S. healthcare.

The latter is not so much about Donald Trump as it is about the private sector, which jumps in to cover the lack of healthcare funding for the most vulnerable. What may seem a good idea is described as the sign of a disfunctional public service, an opinion that I share. Talking about having a point of view : the last article is about Burger King’s stance towards societal issues, explaining why it’s more dangerous not to take risks as a brand.

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My Favorites of May: Fallon’s Tears, Forest Finance & @Jose_Naranja’s Notebooks

31 May 2017

Image by Jose Naranja (click to access)

Beyond the election of an open-minded, pro-business and modern President in France, the month of May had many other highlights. It starts with a very moving video of Jimmy Fallon telling the story of his son’s birth, which was fraught with challenges but end up with a happy end.

Besides, you’ll read about marketing, entrepreneuship, innovation and strategy – as always – but also about a Spanish artist’s notebooks who are absolutely fantastic (see picture). I have been following for years and like his hand-drawn pieces of art, which are invitations to travel and scribble. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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My Favorites of April: Psychological Tricks, The Value of Tech Brands & Facebook’s News Feed

30 April 2017

April was election month in France. But my favorite articles shared this month don’t contain politics, because (1) we yet have to elect our President in the second round, (2) I believe it’s pretty obvious whom to favor, and (3) I’ll try not to turn this blog too much into a political tribune. This past month, I’ve read great stuff about brand building in the tech world (Airbnb), in-app user behavior (Uber) and why Facebook & Google should freak out (Amazon).
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My Favorites of March: Stickiness to Uber, Good Relationships & Customer Lifetime Value

31 March 2017

Click to see Waldinger’s TED talf on happiness

Just 6 links to articles and videos this month, mostly on digital marketing strategy, but also this great TED talk on happiness across generations and social classes. Robert Waldinger is heading this incredible study – still underway – which tries to identify the most solid predictor of human happiness. In typical TED talk fashion – thank God because academic discourse would have been less exhilarating – he outlines a couple of findings worth having in mind. The best is that his recipes are available to all of us. I hope you’ll find it as useful as I did.
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My Favorites of February: Great Ad From Denmark, Rape and Reconciliation & Design at Aston-Martin

28 February 2017

This ad from Denmark’s TV2 station is really cool

I’ll try to make the future posts less political, and less Trump-focused (because smart blogging is not just bashing, and because I’ll need & want to become more constructive at some point). But resistance is necessary when revolting things happen, and it can’t be toned down, so February still was very much about defending political sanity. You’ll see in the links. Beside that, you’ll also find artificial intelligence playing poker, a beautiful ad from Denmark or a great article about Macedonian teens influencing elections just to buy themselves an BMW.
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My Favorites of January: Artificial Creative Intelligence, NY Times’ Vision & Trolling Trump

29 January 2017


What does the New York Times, read daily by Obama and hated by Trump & Bannon, foresee for 2020 ? In one of the articles shared in this month’s list, the NY Times outlines its vision for the years to come, not on a political standpoint but on a business & strategy standpoint. Other articles in this digest include a Japanese agency with a robot in its creative team, a portrait of a very discreet super-rich philanthropist, and a wildly funny video from the Netherlands. Read more…

This Poor Breton Peasant’s Autobiography, an International Best-Seller

6 January 2017

The life story of an ordinary, brilliant, anarchist peasant from Brittany

Exactly 112 years ago, on January 6th 1905, a Breton peasant neamed Jean-Marie Déguignet wrote the last words of the story of his life, and died shortly after. He ended over 4,000 pages with these words : “I wish humanity  the power – even the willpower – to become truthfull and good people, able to understand and get along with each other, in a worthy and happy social life.” His own life has been neither happy nor worthy, which is why this best-selling autobiography is such a fascinating account of rural life between 1834 and 1905. I’ll try to make this review worth reading. Read more…

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