Twiinkly Wants To Crowdsource The Photo Coverage of (Sport) Events

Click on the image to see Twiinkly on the App Store

Click on the image to see Twiinkly on the App Store

I love running, and I somehow I am interested in crowdsourcing too (you didn’t notice?), so I’d like to feature an exciting start-up here. Twiinkly, founded by Christophe Delalande (SKEMA 2009) and Martin Gaffuri (ESSCA 2009), wants to leverage events’ audiences to enable better coverage by the spectators: “As an onsite spectator, become actor of the live coverage by taking photos and sharing them on Twiinkly,the App Store description says, “enter a runner’s name or their bib number to customise the race timeline and have a unique and personalised live coverage experience.” Here’s more about Twiinkly. Continue reading →

Send & Received Random Photos: Rando


This is not a sponsored post. I already shared cool apps that I happened to like (like this one), and I like Rando. I just discovered this very cool and simple app, that allows you to send pictures out to the world (randomly) and to receive pictures in exchange (from another random place). “Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform,” the iTunes description says, “give, receive and collect unique photos from random people from all over the world.” What’s the point? I don’t know, probably the serendipity and the fun of the experience. Much like Chatroulette back in the days.


It seems that there are a lot of Rando users in South Korea, Finland and the United States. That’s where most of my photos have been sent, and that’s where most of the photos I received come from. I also sent photos of Paris to Qatar, Russia, Germany, Italy and Israel. And I received some from The Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Belarus.

Just for fun.

This photo of the Eglise de la Madeleine (Paris) went to South Korea

This photo of the Eglise de la Madeleine (Paris) went to South Korea

This photo of someone's dog came from the Los Angeles area

This photo of someone’s dog came from the Los Angeles area

I don’t know how they plan to make money or whether they plan to evolve the app. But who cares. Give it a try, maybe you’ll receive one of my photos (but unless I take a picture of myself, you’ll never know)!

My experience with Jawbone UP


The Jawbone UP is a gadget. It’s a bracelet that tracks all your movements: steps, sleep etc. The smartphone app is supposed to do the rest, like analyze your activity, save your meals and tell you what is best to live a healthier life. For those who prefer to watch it in a video, check out Jawbone’s official video for the UP. The most popular comment of the YouTube video is full of common sense: “Give me a break. If humans need an app to do this, we’re in more trouble than I thought“. However, I wanted to try it, and I think the Jawbone UP has a lot of potential. I received it a couple of weeks ago and, as Cliff Kuang puts it in his Fast.Co.Design post, it’s a failure! It is a failure today, with the current application and the undeniable flaws that can’t be corrected anymore. But it could become an awesome product, similarly to the iPhone. Here’s what I think of it today… and how I think it could be improved to become really useful. Continue reading →