This 60-year old short film is worth watching again today. #DontBeASucker

We must never let ourselves be divided by race, or color or religion, because in this country we all belong to minority groups. […] And you belong to other minority groups too. […] Your right to belong to these minorities is a precious thing. You have a right to be what you are and say what you think, because here we have personal freedom. We have liberty. And these are not just fancy words; this is a practical and priceless way of living. But we must work at it. We must guard everyone’s liberty, or we could lose our own. If we allow any minority to lose its freedom by persecution or prejudice, we are threatening our own freedom. And this is not simply an idea, this is good hard common sense.

These words end this educational video from 1943 – released again in 1947 –  which went viral these week after the Charlottesville events. I just wanted to share these partisan ideological wise words (as I translated & shared those of a German news anchor exactly 2 years ago), because denouncing hatred, prejudice and injustice is the most natural thing to do. It’s plain good hard common sense. Let’s be proud of ourselves, but not forget that living in peaceful and affluent societies is a blessing.

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