10 Ads Based on Barry Louis Polisar Music

Image via autoevolution.com (click to see article)

The Volswagen ad from the UK, with B. L. Polisar sountrack (image via autoevolution.com)

Have you seen Juno? If you haven’t (even if you have) you may not know Barry Louis Polisar, the singer whose song “All I Want Is You” is used as the opening soundtrack. A true feel-good-song. Barry Louis Polisar is a famous author and singer-songwriter who writes children’s music and numerous children’s books, poems and stories – but Juno brought him to fame.

I found that after Juno (2007), two of his songs – or covers of them – have been widely used in advertising for brands like Nescafé, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen or Ronald McDonald House Charities. Here are 10 ads based on 2 of Polisar’s most famous songs, “All I Want is You” and “Me And You.”

The National Lottery (UK, 2008)

Barry Louis Polisar’s song “All I Want is You” song was used in this fun commercial for the British National Lottery, broadcast in England and throughout the United Kingdom in 2008:

Nescafé Green Blend (Australia, 2008)

Barry Louis Polisar’s 1975 song “Me and You” was used in this 2008 commercial for Nescafé Green Blend, broadcast throughout Australia:

Wick (Germany & Austria, 2012)

Again, “All I Want Is You” is being used to inspire wellbeing, this time it’s for Procter & Gamble’s Vicks brand (Wick in German). I think the below version is without Geman voice over, not sure though:

Honda (United States, 2012)

Jack the woodsman goes on a date with a lovely lady in his Civic Hybrid, with his fox and fish animal friends, all with “All I Want Is You” running in the back.

Del Monte (United States, 2012)

Del Monte foods featured “All I Want is You” in a national TV commercial that aired throughout the United States from 2012 to 2015 (read more here:

Volkswagen (United Kingdom, 2013)

Volkswagen featured “Me and You” in a TVC in the Fall of 2013. Originally aired in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the ad has been extended to other countries internationally including Canada, Portugal, Finland, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic:

Coca-Cola (Global & Chile, 2013)

Coca-Cola featured an adaptation of All I Want is You (with different lyrics) in their ‘Happiness Is Movement’ TV ad campaign that broadcast worldwide in the Fall of 2013:

An adaptation was also made in Spanish for the Chilean market, with a focus on the 2013 world cup, as you can see below:

IKEA (Sweden, 2014)

Ikea began broadcasting the below ad on TV in Sweden, in the Spring of 2014, featuring “All I Want is You” again:

Ronald Mac Donald Charities (ANZ, 2014)

Ronald McDonald House Charities, which “helps families stay close during tough times,” released this spot with a cover recorded for Ronald McDonald House Charities, based on “All I Want Is You.” It ran in Australia and New Zealand:

There are more for Quaker Oats (PepsiCo Mexico, in 2012) or Maggi (Nestlé Germany), as Polisar’s website indicates, but I couldn’t find them. All use the two songs listed above. It’s surprising that these 2 songs haven’t made it into Apple’s “Commercial Success—50 Songs That Sell” list, right? This list is slightly self-serving anyway, as AdWeek notes. Not to mention that his other songs like “I’m a Three Toed Triple Eyed Double Jointed Dinosaur” or “I need you like a donut needs a hole” or even My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny” are probably trickier to place too.

My personal favorite TVC music is Heartbeat by Jose Gonzalez (from Sweden), which was used by Sony in it’s fantastic “Bouncing Balls” Bravia ad, of which the making-off is available here. And if you’re more into electro, you’ll find a great remix here.

Did I forget some Polisar ads?

One Comment

  1. Barry Louis Polisar shared the post on his Facebook page (Thank you Barry!) and some of his fans commented to complete the above list:

    – “Never Cook Your Sister In A Frying Pan” for Crisco.
    – “My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny” for Pepto-Bismol
    – “My Brother Thinks He’s A Banana” for Dole or Chiquita
    – “Aunt Anna Came To Our House” for…an airline? NO, for a Hotel chain!!!!!

    I haven’t found the above, but I was also lazy to spend too much time on it. If you’d like to look them up, see more on https://www.facebook.com/BarryLouisPolisar/posts/10152690954062443


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