Features Crowdsourcing Platforms in Short Videos

OVC banner

The video contest directory (OVC), which gathers all video contests on one great site (“#1 most updated video contest site on the web!“) and newsletter, has started the “OVC Spotlight” series. It’s an ongoing series of two-and-a-half-minute YouTube videos that describe different video crowdsourcing platforms (eYeka, Mofilm, Poptent ProjectED, Tongal, Zooppa…) is a clear, short and crisp manner. Marissa from OVC told me that:

We decided to create these Spotlight videos as a service to our community, so our creators could better understand all the video crowdsourcing platforms in the space Continue reading →

How Crowdsourcing is Used in Video Advertising

My presentation at the IMMAA Conference in Lisbon (you can turn up the volume, it’s a little low)

Broadband internet coverage, mobile internet access, ubiquitous mobile devices… a variety of factors allow us to consume video more than ever before in the young internet history. Brands have discovered that video advertising is seen as a particularly effective way to promote their products and services. WARC recently reported that brands’ spending on online video advertising is expected to increase 41% in 2013 to $4.1 bn, according to figures from eMarketer.

But how can they produce quality video content at an affordable cost? One way to do that is to crowdsource video content production. In other words, launch online video contests. How is crowdsourcing used in the production of video advertising today? In an attempt to understand this subject better, Rosemary Kimani and I have written a book chapter about it. We have identified 4 crowdsourcing models in the current video advertising landscape. Continue reading →