Are Some Countries Less Receptive To The Idea Of Crowdsourcing? A Look At Japan

Crowdsourcing Japan

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Technology is global, companies and individuals are globally connected, and crowdsourcing is a global phenomenon. Anecdotal evidence shows that Europe and the U.S. are well-populated with crowdsourcing participants (see also here), but that still doesn’t say much about potential differences in acceptance of crowdsourcing across the globe (that could be an entire thesis!). I wanted to focus on one country: Japan. Is there something about the idea of crowdsourcing that could repell Japanese people?

As a nation, Japan scores high in cultural tightness and uncertainty avoidance, two cultural constructs that may lower willingness to embrace change and to take risks… But let’s not get into these academic cultural indices, let’s be pragmatic. I did a little bit of desk research to find out more, and shared my thoughts on Medium..

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