Just me and my bike (by @TheBikerist)

the bikerist thumbnail photos

The French cycling blog The Bikerist, which published portraits of Parisian cyclists, has recently released the photos that we did together, this summer. The photos are black & white and picture me with my very first racing bike, a Giant TCR-2, that I transformed into a commuting bike. I bought it second hand from a friend in Brittany, and transformed it step by step to make it a decent racing bike… before I bought a carbon bike.

Here’s what the text says:

He uses his bike every day to commute through Paris. Sportsman, good runner and cyclist, Yannig has had the luck to win races in France, Europe and the United States. He has several bikes, and chose to come [to the shooting] with his his original bike, and the stories associated to it, because it’s the bike that he started racing with in 2006, and with which he won his first race in Brittany in 2008.

A great set of photos, it’s an honor to be featured on such a high-quality blog, thanks The Bikerist! Check them out here… and if you’re a Paris-based cyclist willing to appear on The Bikerist, I’d be glad to put you in touch!

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