Cool: Holding Our First Book Chapter In Our Hands

Click to get to the chapter page

Click to get to the chapter page

A book chapter is “peanuts” on the resumé of an academic, but when you hold the first copy of your life in your hand, it’s cool. The chapter about crowdsourcing in video advertising, which we write with Rosemary Kimani, has just appeared in the book International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in the Creative Industries co-edited by Robert DeFillippi and Patrik Wikström. The volume examines how disruptive innovations are reshaping industry boundaries and challenging conventional business models and practices in the industries for film, video and photography.

Below is our chapter abstract from the book (emphases added). If you are interested in reading our chapter 10, or any other of the 13 chapters that make up this volume, you can purchase the whole book here, or you can have a look at excerpts here. The 13 chapters provide a rich and diverse account of disruption in the creative industries from a wide range of country contexts, filling a gap between the study of disruption by innovation scholars in business schools and the recognition of disruption by academics and practitioners from non-business school disciplines.

This chapter argues that the video advertising industry is undergoing a fundamental change with the advent of a new set of intermediaries that we will call creative crowdsourcing platforms. Based on a multiple case study methodology, we attempt to explain what role crowd-sourcing plays in the contemporary video advertising landscape. We first define crowdsourcing, we then describe how the use of crowd-sourcing has evolved over time, to finally describe four models that are currently used by crowd-sourcing platforms to create video content for brands. We show that the crowd can be solicited in different ways in today’s production process.

But if you just want to have a glimpse into our paper, we published a longer, non-edited pre-print version on SSRN for everyone to download. The abstract is slightly longer, and you will have access to a couple of more illustrations as we were unconstrained by chapter length. You can also have a look at this presentation on Slideshare.

Click on the image to see full presentation (on Slideshare)

Click on the image to see full presentation

I would like to thank Bob DeFillippi, who invited me to submit this chapter proposal to his book after reading a blog post about crowdsourcing and co-creation here (see Bob’s comment on the bottom), Patrik Wikström for patiently handling the editing process and – of course – Rosemary Kimani for sharing her enthusiasm and experience for this topic.

When we wrote the chapter, Rosemary was Global Business Director and Strategist at eYeka, and she now works as Strategic Planning Director at the cross-cultural and digital advertising agency Sensis in Los Angeles. All the best to you Rosemary!

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