In February: Whopper Neutrality, Giving Feedback & Autonomous Pizza Delivery

ford pizza deliver

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A short digest for a similarly short month of February, in which fast-food companies educate us about Net Neutrality (by Burger King) or autonomous vehicle interaction design (with Domino’s Pizza). Also: two long reads from Wired (about Facebook) and The New Yorker (about HappyOrNot), as well as a case study of a French dating platform’s marketing efforts.

Why would a fast food chain take a stance on broadband internet access, if it’s not about promoting free wi-fi in its restaurants? Because its agency probably had a great idea and managed to sell it to the client. But also because experts and even consumers expect brands to have a point-of-view (latest illustration: cutting ties with the NRA). Maybe even because Net Neutrality enjoys high support among US citizen. But regardless of the rationale, I believe it’s just a great creative idea – watch the video.

A French article, so I’ll just briefly explain what is about. This article is about the French dating platform Meetic, which makes great ads based on very interesting insights (love your imperfections), and precisely about the way the agency worked on the latest brand platform (little details – great stories). It doesn’t feel like a common & blant marketing case study, even if it’s probably meant to be one. If you read French, and love marketing creativity, do spend some time on it.

I must admit, this article’s topic may seem extremely un-sexy. I read it mainly because I was intrigued that The New Yorker wrote about marketing – last time I read a long New Yorker piece it was about a motel stalker. And it was indeed interesting, mostly because it describes the numerous business implications of a very simple idea: (physical) feedback buttons. Also very useful is the fact that you can listen to the article.

Another long read. A very long one. This WIRED piece is about Facebook’s mismanagement – it’s always easy to judge from the outside – of the fake news problem. It is difficult to know if it could had been handled better, but the interest of this article lies elsewhere: it’s about setting up internal taskforces and tearing them apart, it’s about steering the ship in turbulent times, it’s about failing to detect weak signals of platform usage… so much to learn from someone else’s “2 years of hell.”

On a lighter note, here a short piece about Ford’s R&D efforts – and findings – in autonomous vehicle development. And about a very cool brand collaboration with Domino’s Pizza, which delivered pizza to randomly chosen customers in a self-driving Ford. Customers had to approach the car and enter a number on a touch screen on the side of the vehicle to get their pizza. “We learned so freaking much” said Jim Farley, who oversees the strategy for Ford’s autonomous-vehicle unit. Another Ford VP went into more detail in a Medium post, revealing that PostMates would join the realm of partner companies, with more tests in Miami starting this month (March 2018).

Thank you for reading!

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