My favorites of December: Armstrong’s investment, Google friendship & Future of books

Here google friendship new yorkerare my 6 favorite articles of December 2018, the last of a great year 2018 (despite the problems in the world and the worries we all have, I like to look at it positively). You’ll find a couple of articles about branding and the Parisian startup scene, but also 2 longer pieces about “the Google friendship”  and the future of books.

Brand identity liftings are only a thing for marketing & design nerds like me, especially if they are so minor that no one ever notices them. For others, there are often ignored or laughed at, accompanied by a mention of the price of the service, which can seem outrageous for laypeople. The Brand New blog has published this good article about Bank of America’s corporate design identity update, explaining the reasoning and consequences of the change.

Lance Armstrong’s legal fees for defending his case consequently to his doping past have added up to over USD 100M, he says. This article picks up what he told CNBC recently: that he has made tens of millions of dollars of an early USD 100K investment in Uber, recommended by a befriended VC, Chris Sacca. He doesn’t say what his stakes are worth today, but beyond the multiple, what I think is cool about this article is to have a glimpse of a sportsman’s wealth management.

This is a blog post by the director of Station F, the French startup campus, which happens to be the world’s biggest structure of this kind. She reports about some of the failures (“in the land of startups, not everything is always glamorous — we’ve also had 19 (or approximately 2%) of our startups decide to stop their activity“) but also the vision for the future. I believe we are lucky to have such a project in France’s capital!

This is my favorite read of last month. James Somers published a great article in the Ney Yorker’s december issue, portraying two top Google engineers, Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat. He explains how the two work together, how they have helped shape Google’s technology, and how they continue to do so everyday at the company. It’s really woth a read!

After Roxanne Varza (Director of Station F, two tweets higher), meet Alice Zagury (CEO of The Family, another startup incubator/campus with a slightly different model). The print & online publication European CEO, which targets c-suite executives, publishes this great interview of her view of France as a startup nation. Her knowledge of other countries’ startup ecosystems is particularly interesting.

Wired’s Craig Mod was reading a book (on his Kindle) while hiking in Japan, when a thought struck his mind. He saw that 56 other readers of the same book had highlighted a particular excerpt he also highlighted, and started thinking about “how this isn’t the digital book we thought we’d have.” In this piece, he shares his thoughts about what the future of books may actually be: virtual and physical objects, but more importantly, universal access to publishing.

Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year 2019!!

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