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Self-awareness is key to happiness. I think a lot – maybe too much – about work, life, health, attitude and balance. But if there is one thing that I have the luck to be satisfied with, it’s my job! I love working in marketing & communications and am incredibly thankful to go to work happy every single day.

But to sustain this positive state-of-mind and to remain challenged, you sometimes need to move out of your comfort zones, think 2 or 3 steps ahead and not self-satisfy with what you have (am I overthinking again?). This is what I had in mind when having the opportunity to join Ogury, a globally operating tech firm that is creating a whole new category in marketing.

Since joining WISEED over 3 and 1/2 years ago, we have done A LOT of great things with the team. I am incredibly thankful for having had the chance to lead marketing, work with a fantastic team, to build the brand, to expand the product & service range, to give our customers a voice and to allow great projects to fuel their growth.

There is still a lot to be done.

If I think of the past years at WiSEED, I see it a bit as an “8” where one loop has been successfully completed (structuring the function, establishing a safe and healthy team culture, build and align the brand, deliver on key KPIs, looking forward optimistically with a clear vision, having fun along the way…), and the other one being ahead with a number of innovations to come (🤐🤐🤐…).


I believe this is going to be a very exciting time for Fintechs, among which WiSEED is really well-positioned to succeed in France in the future. WiSEED is a really great place to work!

The company is one of the few in the world to deliver on a crowd-based model, with a diversified, quality project deal-flow, a balanced business-model and a regulatory clout that will open many doors. This, in itself, is a fabulous achievement. I leave as a hopeful & happy shareholder!

As for me, I have confirmed my passion for marketing and communications (note to self : WiSEED was my 1st role as head of marketing, it may or may not have suited me). I’m keen to build a career that will hopefully take me to lots of different places, with a great variety of projects and people to work with.

I felt really well at WiSEED, but to aim for your goals, you sometimes need to move on earlier than expected, especially at the start of your career. I am hungry for experience, I am keen to learn, to force myself out of my comfort zone.

New challenges are something really cool (another note to self: this was the main reason I chose corporate life over academia – which I saw as a long straight road – after completing my PhD). In ten, twenty years, I might look for more stability, but today I’m still very excited about novelty and learning!

Which is why I join Ogury.

Ogury is a technology company (as a blend of advertising and tech, the semantic proximity with Ogilvy & Oracle is almost expedient) specialized in a new marketing discipline – Mobile Journey Marketing – with a mission to make digital marketing understood, trusted, and valued by users and organizations.

In times of distrust towards everything related to marketing, advertising & data, it’s a great challenge! 🤯

On one end, Ogury allows mobile app publishers and developers to monetize their apps; on the other, Ogury allows organizations (brands, marketers, advertisers…) to understand the mobile journey and market across it; and at the center, you have compliant, transparent, real-world user data.

Here are 2 articles I found really useful to discover the company’s activity, culture and ambitions (more articles here):

Just to illustrate with something anecdotal: I trust you rarely read nor understand Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy or FAQ pages?! They’re uninteresting, confusing, unclear and sometimes even deceptive. Ogury’s are not: Privacy, FAQ, Cookies (also: Opt-out).

This is the level of clarity Ogury aims to bring to digital marketing.

There are many more use cases than just advertising. One is research and insights generation. Ogury launched and published a global mobile user survey to understand their attitudes towards marketing across markets. The resulting study, “The Reality Report” released today, generated a lot of high-profile coverage already.

The Reality Report by Ogury

What’s more? Good, clean, consented data can also help companies better understand their own consumers, as well as those of the competition. For instance, ride-hailing app Heetch used it to bolster competitor intelligence and inform its strategy, as this article suggests (in French):

And here are two others: one about Walmart’s unexpected, fast and surprising rise in app adoption (you can see on the dashboards how data can provide insights about Walmart app’s users) and another going deeper into user activity of TikTok, the wildly popular music app:

To some, it’s an activity that may seem shady from the outside, but (1) it is not, (2) I have been very impressed by the people I’ve met as well as their vision, and (3) there is a massive challenge in building a category.

Ogury’s ambitious goal is to make people unsuspicious of data sharing through increased transparency and fair choice. And ultimately make data useful for all. I believe that is a great and challenging mission to work on!

PS: I may take a couple of months off blogging, I want to be fully dedicated to this new role. Follow me on Twitter or Linkedin.

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