A series of books about experience design: J’ADOOORE


Patricia Gallot-Lavallée calls herself an experience designer. She leads a consulting firm called Kenazart Experience Designers and is currently promoting a 6-part book called J’adooore – Six ingredients that create fans. The objective is to highlight what it is that make brands and products desirable:

  • Beauty
  • Scarcity
  • Suspense
  • Surprise
  • Humor
  • A “secret ingredient”

She was kind enough to send me the two first parts of the series (1) beauty and (2) scarcity. It features a very diverse set of examples and interviews, and the overall  idea if recognizing patterns of brand success is also interesting. However, I must say that I was surprised by the almost autobiographic tone of the book. The author speaks a lot about herself, about well-known brands and not-so-well-known experts. Surprisingly, she doesn’t feature a lot of examples of her own consulting work neither, which would have been good to promote her expertise. I’m curious how the next “ingredients” will be explained, and what the “secret ingredient will” be!

Crowdsourcing a new map design for Paris’ subways


Images via ratp.fr and checkmymetro.com


Creads, a Paris-based crowdsourcing platform for design and advertising, has recently launched held a design contest for CheckMyMetro. Fed up with the Parisian transport authority’s refusal to open its data to designers, the founder of CheckMyMetro wanted to find an alternative visualization of one of the world’s densest metro networks. The winner is an experienced graphic designer from the South of France, Antoine Raby, who has designed maps too. Here’s more about this initiative… Continue reading →

What creative consumers craft with old bikes: my favorites of the Scraplab Design Contest


(Image via scraplab-community.com)

The crafting movement is taking off since a couple of years now. Websites like Etsy or Sugru are examples of communities that gather around modifying and showcasing creative peoples’ crafts, recycled objects of self-designed decoration (you might also want to check out IKEA Hackers, the blog). On this blog, I’ve already covered this trend through a book review of Marke Eigenbau (“Brand DIY” in German) or a documentary about Arduino electronics. In the last two and a-half months, an online contest was organized to gather these creative peoples’ crafts and objects: the Scraplab Design Contest. As a fan of cycling, I wanted to showcase the most interesting cycling-related designs/crafts that came up. Continue reading →

When co-creation is more entertainment than social product development: Quirky “reinvents the bicycle” in 24 hours


Nowadays, bikes are trendy. The industry is growing, mainly thanks to trends like eBikes and fixies, that broaden the target audience of cycling conciderably. The popular social product development platform Quirky recently decided to Reinvent The Bicyle in a 24h brainstorm on its platform, and the above image shows the outcome of the brainstorm, designed by Quirky’s design team in San Francisco, CA. Let’s have a look at the process… and the resulting bike, Modus. Continue reading →

Hidden Carbon, students’ works at Les Ateliers-l’ENSCI (Paris)


When you hear “carbon” you very likelly think about global warming, about fast Formula 1 cars or -like me- about high-end bicycles… Well, students from the French design-school ENSCI and the Swiss ECAL tried to think outside of the box and propose some different applications for the material. Let me just share some thoughts and pictures from this exhibition :

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