What creative consumers craft with old bikes: my favorites of the Scraplab Design Contest


(Image via scraplab-community.com)

The crafting movement is taking off since a couple of years now. Websites like Etsy or Sugru are examples of communities that gather around modifying and showcasing creative peoples’ crafts, recycled objects of self-designed decoration (you might also want to check out IKEA Hackers, the blog). On this blog, I’ve already covered this trend through a book review of Marke Eigenbau (“Brand DIY” in German) or a documentary about Arduino electronics. In the last two and a-half months, an online contest was organized to gather these creative peoples’ crafts and objects: the Scraplab Design Contest. As a fan of cycling, I wanted to showcase the most interesting cycling-related designs/crafts that came up.

People submitted 615 designs (actually photos of objects, not mere drawings) to the site, which is quite impressive. These creations were certainly not crafted just for this contest, but the platform gave people an interesting opportunity to show their crafts and get comments or ratings on them… Here are my favorites:


cycle basket

The "boog" laptop basket by lidianna



bike tire bracelet

The "Bald" bracelet by


tires helmets

Old tire helmet holder by Niclas Kröger



Cycling sculpture by Dustin Davis & Scott Cawood


And my two favorite ones (obviously 99% of “design” objects are chairs!):

skateborad and bmx nike

The "meine Jugend" (my youth in German) chair by Damian


old frame and saddle

The Saddle Seat Stool by Niclas Kröger


I recently wondered how I could usefully recycle my old running shoes… still haven’t found the answer! Anyway, great ideas on this community website, I did take note of some of them for me! And, people from Hyve, is this platform part of a research project? Just curious 😉

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