I will be interviewing Seth Godin at Yes We Trust Summit, come join me 🤲

Yes We Trust Summit is this year’s most ambitious privacy event, gathering marketers, compliance & tech executives around the idea that privacy drives trust and growth. Find our more on yes-we-trust.com.

A couple of years ago, I have shared – in French and on this blog – how much I enjoyed reading Seth Godin’s book “Tribes,” which almost energized me to the point of launching my company! Much more recently, I have also read his classic “Permission Marketing” and, I don’t remember when exactly when I watched it, but I also warmly recommend the hilarious “This is broken” TED Talk from 2006.

He will be one of the star speakers at Yes We Trust Summit, and I will have the pleasure to moderate the Q&A with the audience.

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My 6-step process for maximum webinar impact (with full video recording & slides)


This week, I have shared some tips & best practices about organizing webinars with maximum impact when you have little time. I thought this to be particularly useful to marketers in the current context where events & meetings are cancelled across the globe. Here are: (1) the full recording and (2) the slides. Continue reading →

Helping Europe’s Entrepreneurs Reach New Heights With Crowdfunding


This week I was invited by the European Commission to present crowdfunding as a way for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to fund their growth. In the beaufitufl town of Bratislava, Slovakia, hundreds of people in suits & gathered to discover AeroMobil, congratulate themselves for great European entrepreneurship programs, and learn about the currents trends. Crowdfunding is key trend for SME… funding.

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Elon Musk About Using Prize Competitions To Tackle Climate Change #COP21 #ElonSorbonne

Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Yesterday, Elon Musk came to the Sorbonne, giving a talk about climate change and the importance to act in favor of the environment. One of the Sorbonne’s constituting universities invited him to present and discuss with students, on the same stage where Morgan Freeman, who plays Professor Samuel Norman, spoke in Lucy (the movie). “[COP21] is a crucial event aiming to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, [and] in parallel to the official negotiations, the civil society is getting ready to demonstrate its mobilization and send a message to the decision makers,” the official invitation said. “In this context, Elon Musk accepted [to] share his vision in front of the students. He will discuss how we can all take meaningful action towards changing the future.Continue reading →

Using Culturally Diverse Crowds To Source Global Ideas – My @BAQMAR Presentation

Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Crowdsourcing has been used for many things since the mid 2000’s and businesses are using it on an almost industrial scale. When it comes to marketing and innovation, the world’s biggest brands use crowdsourcing – asking the global crowd for creative, innovative and/or insightful ideas through online competitions – and use this diverse output to innovate faster or advertise better. Continue reading →

Is The Crowdsourcing World Flat? – #OUI2014

harvard business school

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Today, I presented at Open & User Innovation Conference, at Harvard Business School, with two fellow crowdsourcing researchers from Canada (Prashant Shukla & John Prpic). Our talk, titled “Is the World Flat? Unpacking the Geography of Crowd Capital,” presented early results of a research about crowdsourcing participation across the globe. We’ve received very constructive comments from the audience, and are now looking forward to the rest of the conference. The setting is prestigious enough to make you want to learn about open and user innovation. Continue reading →

Some Thoughts About Crowdsourcing Week Brussels

yannig roth crowdsourcing week brussels

Click above to see more “One Dollar Portraits” from Crowdsourcing Week

On Thursday June 5th, I attended Crowdsourcing Week’s Brussels summit (which ran until Friday June 6th included, but I didn’t stay until then). Organized in Vilvoorde, a couple of miles outside Brussels, the event gathered crowdsourcing professionals, academics, consultants and innovation-interested managers alike.

While the morning was dedicated to crowdfunding (the event was sponsored by BNP Parisbas Fortis!), the afternoon talks addressed a broad set of topics from creative crowdsourcing to 3D-printing. Here’s a selection of the most interesting talks, according to me, given during the day. Find a post about all presentations on CSW’s blog. Continue reading →