Elon Musk About Using Prize Competitions To Tackle Climate Change #COP21 #ElonSorbonne

Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Yesterday, Elon Musk came to the Sorbonne, giving a talk about climate change and the importance to act in favor of the environment. One of the Sorbonne’s constituting universities invited him to present and discuss with students, on the same stage where Morgan Freeman, who plays Professor Samuel Norman, spoke in Lucy (the movie). “[COP21] is a crucial event aiming to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, [and] in parallel to the official negotiations, the civil society is getting ready to demonstrate its mobilization and send a message to the decision makers,” the official invitation said. “In this context, Elon Musk accepted [to] share his vision in front of the students. He will discuss how we can all take meaningful action towards changing the future.Continue reading →

My Favorites in November: Advertising in 60 Seconds, Problematic Crowd Work & The Parisian Lifestyle

History of Advertising Timeline

This was a special month here in Paris, especially the second half, with the terrorist attacks and the start of the COP21 climate conference shrouding the city in a very particular atmosphere. Much more security, armed forces on almost every street corner, helicopters, heads of state… it’s not the usual Parisian life. But nevertheless, the earth keeps spinning, people will not stop going into bars and cafés, and I won’t stop sharing my favorite inspirations neither. Here are some tweets about entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, crowd labor and Paris (of course). Make sure to look at the short video about Google’s “Alive Memory” project in Russia. Continue reading →

My Favorites in September: Airbnb’s Brand Strategy, The World’s Last Globemakers & Mothers of ISIS Fighters

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Image by Bellerby & Co Globemakers

How/why did the Amazon Phone fail? What do Converse and Airbnb do in order to make their brands attractive to existing communities? And do globemakers still exist today? Some answers are answered in this month’s favorites.

It’s a heterogeneous mix of articles about branding, marketing, ISIS and more that I would like to share this September. My personal favorite is the last link of this list, a truly insightful post by Standard Chartered Bank’s Global Head of Digital Marketing, Damien Cummings. I would urge every other brand marketer to write something similar, it would make my life so much easier 🙂 And it would allow for a lot of synergies between brands and agencies.

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Can This Start-Up Become the French Quirky?

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I just discovered a new French start-up in the co-creation/crowdsourcing/open innovation field, it’s called Nov’In. The website describes itself as “the first social network for innovation,” allowing anyone to submit ideas that could turn into reality – if the crowd likes them – and have them sold in stores. Sounds familiar? The founder of the start-up, Ismael Meite, explains that his idea came from seeing the success of Quirky,which has a turnover of  about €30 million” (I don’t know where he got that information from, because Quirky is privately funded, but anyway). Here’s how it’s supposed to work… and my opinion about it. Continue reading →

Comment ne jamais être un looser…

Voici la présentation de Gilles Babinet, serial entrepreneur français et co-fondateur d’eYeka, pour la #FailConf du 1er février dernier. La FailConf est  un événement qui porte sur l’échec entrepreneurial et qui s’est tenu au siège de Microsoft France. L’objectif de cette conférence est surtout de valoriser l’échec comme une étape vers la réussite… enfin, je devrai même pas parler de réussite parce que je suis certain d’en avoir une conception extrêmement conservatrice ! Comme dit TechCrunch :

C’est intéressant que certains aient décidé d’appeler cette conférence ‘la conférence des losers’ mais bon, s’il y a des personnes comme Gilles Babinet sur la liste, appelez la conférence ce que vous voulez !