My Favorites in September: Airbnb’s Brand Strategy, The World’s Last Globemakers & Mothers of ISIS Fighters

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Image by Bellerby & Co Globemakers

How/why did the Amazon Phone fail? What do Converse and Airbnb do in order to make their brands attractive to existing communities? And do globemakers still exist today? Some answers are answered in this month’s favorites.

It’s a heterogeneous mix of articles about branding, marketing, ISIS and more that I would like to share this September. My personal favorite is the last link of this list, a truly insightful post by Standard Chartered Bank’s Global Head of Digital Marketing, Damien Cummings. I would urge every other brand marketer to write something similar, it would make my life so much easier 🙂 And it would allow for a lot of synergies between brands and agencies.

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One brand, different platforms (part 8) – Nokia’s wise approach to crowdsourcing

The world is too fast, complex and networked for any company to have all the answers inside

Yochai Benkler, author of The Wealth Of Networks

Wow, it’s already the 8th part of this series about brands and their web-based participatory efforts. Companies like Danone, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Unilever, GE and Dell do leverage web 2.0 to innovate and engage consumers, this part is dedicated to Nokia. The Finnish cellphone manufacturer seriously missed the co-creative push ushered by Apple and its applications, so they had to catch up and innovate their own way out of this crisis. Here are some of their initiatives, and they’re still learning.

connecting people

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My experience with Jawbone UP


The Jawbone UP is a gadget. It’s a bracelet that tracks all your movements: steps, sleep etc. The smartphone app is supposed to do the rest, like analyze your activity, save your meals and tell you what is best to live a healthier life. For those who prefer to watch it in a video, check out Jawbone’s official video for the UP. The most popular comment of the YouTube video is full of common sense: “Give me a break. If humans need an app to do this, we’re in more trouble than I thought“. However, I wanted to try it, and I think the Jawbone UP has a lot of potential. I received it a couple of weeks ago and, as Cliff Kuang puts it in his Fast.Co.Design post, it’s a failure! It is a failure today, with the current application and the undeniable flaws that can’t be corrected anymore. But it could become an awesome product, similarly to the iPhone. Here’s what I think of it today… and how I think it could be improved to become really useful. Continue reading →

Crazy presentation about augmented research !

This presentation by Face‘s Director of Research Francesco d’Orazio kicks ass ! Several things make me say that : the pitch “Plugging brands into the fabric of society” is completely in line with the concept of societing that I’ve discovered recently, which basically recommends brands to propose themselves to society instead of imposing themselves to markets. In the future, we’ll “wear data like we wear clothes“, and this massive amount of data represents a tremendous opportunity for those who will be able to harness and analyze it !

+ it’s a beautifully designed presentation and… the main example is bikes !

The Arduino Project democratizes electronics… and allows you to print in 3D


I just watched Arduino, The Documentary on Vimeo, and I was very impressed. If you don’t know what Arduino is: it’s an open-source electronic platform thas is very simple to use and cheap. I already heard of it reading the book Marke Eigenbau, a German book on the way DIY (do-it-yourself) will change the way we consume. Anyway, Arduino now has a community of 120,000+ people using and improving the device (like Mozilla a couple of years ago… Mozilla just overtook Internet Explorer on the internet browser market), which means it’s getting big ! Continue reading →