David Butler, Coke’s VP of Design about crowdsourcing

David Butler_Coca-Cola Design+ Award from jovoto on Vimeo.

Check out this great video from the German crowdsourcing company jovoto. They’re holding a contest for Coke at the moment, and it’s a great interview of the company’s VP of Design, David Butler. I already mentioned him in a past blog post about the Freestyle Fountain, and if you’re interested in what he’s doing, check out Fast Company’s page (it’s a little bit outdated, but still relevant). This video interview is very insightful, especially regarding branding, design and crowdsourcing. I particularly like the emphasis that he puts on the cultural aspect of crowdsourcing i.e. peoples’ different approaches of the same problem across cultures. Comments are welcome!

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  1. I’ll let you know right now that I didn’t watch the video… 10 minutes, without benchmarks for important points, means that I don’t have the dedication to sift through and find the good stuff.

    Regarding what I call “contest crowdsourcing”… I’m not sure how effective it is when the crowdsourcing company desires a high-end result. This means that dedicated and talented designers will put many hours into their contest application; this is time that all but one of them will not be compensated for. And since often the contest entries become property of the company, even non-winning entries may be used without their creators being compensated. Even worse is that a large portion of these are contests decided by user votes. The contest quickly dissolves into a competition to see not who is the most talented designer, but who can obtain the highest number of votes. The content, unfortunately, often takes a back seat.

    There are ways to leverage crowdsourcing that I feel are much more effective, but I’d need to know more about Coke’s design strategy to expound on those.


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