Crowdsourcing article in Health Promotion Practice

health-promotion-practice-crowdsourcingI’d like to share an article that I recently co-authored with Claudia Parvanta (University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, USA) and Heidi Keller (Heidi Keller Consulting, Olympia, WA, USA) that has been published in Health Promotion Practice. It’s called Crowdsourcing 101: A Few Basics to Make You the Leader of the Pack and is a short “how to” article of the social marketing and health communication section (it’s not a reasearch article, but I thought it would be interesting to share anyway).

It includes a definition of crowdsourcing, a description of crowdsourcing in the US public sector, an explanation of the different forms of crowdsourcing (crowd funding, crowd labor, crowd research and creative crowdsourcing) and – last but not least – a set of tips on how to get results from creative crowdsourcing. One of the theories is the 4F motivation theory that comes from my research at eYeka, but we also cite Carl Esposti’s as a great resource for all matters crowdsourcing, and Doug Williams’ Co-Creation Vendors Forrester Wave.

–> Here’s the citation link to the article: Crowdsourcing 101

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