Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Frohe Weihnachten. Nedeleg laouen!

Santa Didn't Give Me a Finished Thesis

Santa didn’t leave me a finished thesis, this year (but I hope to call myself a PhD in the next year)

This post is just to wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas, a Joyeux Noël (French), Frohe Weihnachten (German), Nedeleg laouen (Breton)! It’s also to share the news that I will be switching to a full-time corporate job next year, becoming Marketing Manager at eYeka. I am indeed done with the 3-year CIFRE convention that I had signed in January 2012, which allowed me to be part-time employee & part-time PhD student, and I am now keen to start a corporate career as a marketer.

Value For eYeka Clients Black White

I might elaborate on the reasons of this choice (corporate vs. academia) in a later blog post. For now I will get myself a suit, a tie and 47 tubes of teeth whitening toothpaste.

Speaking of which (Christmas & eYeka): Here is what may be the most creative representations of Santa Claus you have ever seen, created by people from all over the world who brought their ideas to life in very different ways. I hope you like them, and I am looking forward to bring you more creativity and inspiration in the next months. Bust rest assured, this blog will not become promotional, and I will keep posting some critical thoughts like this, this or this.

Meanwhile: Merry Christmas!



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