In April: Thoughts about mental health, eÿeka joins Insites Consulting & cool B2B campaigns


Swallows (you’ll understand why…)

I am rocketing through the beautiful countryside of southern France – by train – as I start writing this monthly recap, reenergized by a couple of days in the sun! In this month of April I was very happy to see the news of eYeka’s (now dubbed “eÿeka”) acquisition by Insites Consulting being made public. It’s a great move for the crowdsourcing company whose creative community will now help Insites’ clients innovater better & faster. I also published a rather personal Medium post about balance in life.

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It took me a couple of days to write this article, if not to say weeks. After reading an increasing number of articles about mental health and life balance on, a website I visit frequently to stay updated about race results, I thought I’d be ready to write about my own struggles too. Sorry for posting one of my articles as a monthly highlight, but I’d really appreciate your comments, your feedback, or just your attention. Let’s be OK with not being happy sometimes.

During my time at eYeka (sorry… eÿeka) I have had the chance to meet the brilliant people of Insites Consulting, a Belgium-based marketing and innovation consultancy, and to discuss the value of creative crowsourcing for brands. It was something they were already convinced about, and I blogged about their brand initiaves twice (here & here) on this blog. I’m stoked to see that both companies now operate under the same roof, congratulations François, Kristof, Tom and all the others!

If you’re interested in crowdfunding and speak, understand, or want to practice your French, this one is for you! The radio station France Culture has lengthily covered the evolution and the future of the industry with established players such as Kickstarter (Europe) and KissKissBankBank. A shame WiSEED has not been invited – hint to our PR agency 🙂 – but still a great discussion about our current challenges.

Me and my team spend an increasing amount of time and resources on our B2B marketing strategy (I was brought on board with a B2C focus), and it’s very useful to discover great work from others. This Linkedin post shares some cool campaigns to look at.

Wydden is a French media focused mainly on entrepreneurship and innovation. As part of its coverage about the realities of growing a business, they just released this cool article – anonymized shortly before publication – about a founder’s experience with venture capital. She/he describes the lack of a constructive relationship and the ensuing loss of self-confidence, freedom and fulfilment.

To close the loop, back to eÿeka! This HBR post links to one innovation project that I remember very well on the platform (“Knorr, the soup company, offered 2,500 euros for the person who came up with a “revolutionary hot savory snack.” “) and describes some recent research results about the impact of cash prizes. A shame it’s only based on data from MechanicalTurk, and not from eÿeka! Wait for it… 😈

Thanks for reading!

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