My Favorites In May: Airbnb’s Impact on Hotels, Facebook’s Branding & Italian Architects Fight Crowdsourcing

Image via "Office of Ben Barry"

Image via “Office of Ben Barry”

Here are 10 tweets from the month of May, which I found worthwhile sharing again. Two of them are about architects and their attitude towards competition(s), one is about corporate branding and design (see the image on the left), others just share some nice advertising. I also enjoyed reading this AdAge article about Google’s battle against click fraud, which costs online advertisers its customers $6.3 billion a year, according to a study by White Ops and the ANA. It nicely reminds us that every internet service has a cost – in this case it’s combatting abuse – which impacts both the bottom line of the company and that of its users. Gaining trust in online environments is crucial, which is why Google went “public” with this article, a nice PR effort to position itself as an industry leader.

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Did You Notice The Cyclists in Air France #FranceIsInTheAir Spot?

Image via

It’s been 2 weeks since Air France’s latest spot, France Is In The Air, is running internationally. The 45-second advertisement is part of the brand’s new global campaign, which started on April 2nd with print, radio and web ads in 12 countries (including Brazil, China, the USA, Russia, Senegal or Switzerland). What I like about it is that it has an Evian Babies feel to it: a stylish and simplified background, people swinging (instead of swimming) through the screen in a gracious manner, a focus on music rather than words. A very nice creative, mixing retro and glamor, like the print ads. But have you noticed the cyclists?

There’s nothing that looks more like a plane than another plane,Tiphaine du Plessis, associate director at BETC, the agency behind the campaign, told l’ADN. The strength of the company lies in “its roots, the French state of mind: when you put one foot in an Air France plane, you are already somewhat in France,” she says. The campaign plays on the globally recognized “positive values” like its traditions, history, gastronomy, architecture or music.

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My Favorites From February: Samsung’s TV Privacy Policy, Bradley Wiggins’ Evolution & Google Cardboard

Yannig Google CardboardHere are a dozen of links, stories and videos that I liked in February. From Parker Higgins’ viral tweet about Samsung’s Smart TV to the Google Cardboard virtual reality gadget and a magnificent video about Dubai, I hope you’ll find some stimulating things here.  I’ve also inserted two cycling-related links where great champions, Sir Bradley Wiggins and François Pervis, tell us a little bit about their life experiences and cycling in different cultures – each in their own ways. I hope you like it, share it, and you have a great day! Continue reading →

My Favourite Readings in July: Cycling In The Eurotunnel & The Cost Of Top Academic Papers

Image via @HistoricalPics

Image via @HistoricalPics

Here are 10 tweets from July, which are my preferred articles and readings of the month. You’ll notice that cycling is more present than usually – July is the month of the Tour de France – but innovation, academia and creativity are also featured in this month’s favourite links.

I also had the chance to attend the 12th Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School, which was a great event to meet fellow researchers and stay up to date with trends around crowdsourcing. Now I’m back in Paris and look forward to a couple of easy summer weeks in the city, which is much more quiet when everyone is away for holidays on the beach.

Enjoy the links.

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My Favorite Readings in May: Nobel Prizes Across Time and Space, Spurious Correlations & Shut Up Legs!

Mode à Longchamp. Paris, 17 mai 1914.  © Albert Harlingue / Roger-Viollet

Parisian couple, exactly 100 years ago (© Albert Harlingue / Roger-Viollet)

This is a photo of a Parisian couple, walking around the Longchamps hippodrome on May 17th 1914 (photo by Paris en Images). It has no link whatsoever with the content of this post – my favorite readings of May 2014 – beside the fact that it was taken exactly 100 years before I tweeted about the ESCP Europe Spring Research Camp. But I just thought it was a cool illustration, showing Parisians in style. Parisians still have style.

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Help us raise 13,500€ for children in South-East Asia (and finish Ironman France)

Cheering crowd

Enfants du Mékong supporters at the “20km de Paris” race in 2012. That’s were Antoine and I noticed their involvement in sports!

Hello all, I would like to present you a project that we have with a friend: that of competing at Ironman France in June 2013 and – more importantly – raising funds for an NGO called Enfants du Mékong (Children of Mekong). Enfants du Mékong is a French NGO that focuses on helping the youth in South-East Asia, mostly by allowing people to sponsor a child’s education, but also by supporting local development projects like building schools (see map below in this post).

We will participate in the financing of a pre-school in Bou Sra (Cambodgia) which costs 13,500€ to run for 3 years. The more we collect, the easier it will be for Enfants du Mékong to set up the school there… I’d like you to help us achieve our funding goal! Continue reading →

How Brazilian bike manufacturer Caloi refined its brand proposition

Caloi is a major Brazilian bike manufacturer based in São Paulo, as well a leading brand for over 110 years. Caloi felt they needed to get closer to consumers and to understand what its brand meant to Brazlinian consumers. Together with Brazilian agency CO.R Inovação, they initiated a research project called “Reinventing the two wheels,” designed to understand the role of the bicycle and the Caloi in Brazilian’s lives. Very similarly to the Shimano Coasting initiative conducted by Shimano and IDEO, this project  consisted in meeting consumers of the target  audience in major cities in order to “discover the meaning and the importance a bike has on a biker life.” Explanations from Mariana Loducca Kok, one of the project’s managers at CO.R Inovação. Continue reading →