My Favorite Readings in April: Crowd Innovation, Some Research Findings & Strong Runners

Click on this photo to read another of my favorite reads of April

Click on this photo to read another of my favorite reads of April

Last month, I started sharing some links that I thought were particularly interesting. I hope you enjoyed the readings about crowds, the academic discussions and some of the videos. Today,  here are some articles and links I have enjoyed in April, or tweets I’d like to share again with you. Continue reading →

Oxylane Launches (Another) Sports-Related Open Innovation Platform

Today (February 12th) the Open Oxyale page is still in teaser mode. Click to access

Today (February 12th) the Open Oxyale page is still in teaser mode. Click to access

On April 1st, Oxylane Group will launch “Open Oxylane,” a sports-related open innovation platform. That’s what the French trade magazine LSA reported yesterday. Despite the launch date, it’s probably serious business. Oxylane Group, which runs the Decathlon department stores, has already made inroads into co-creation and open innovation: in October 2011 I blogged about b’Twin Lab, a co-creation platform dedicated to cycling products (which has closed since), and in April 2012 I blogged about a series of contests run by the same brand with Local Motors. These didn’t seem to have been a success, but with Open Oxylane, the company keeps pushing.
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Our Journey to Ironman France 2013


Sunday, I completed Ironman France with a friend in Nice. I crossed the line with a time of 11:01:35 which is a fairly good time for a first participation – especially since I hoped for a sub-12 hours finish time. The weather conditions were almost perfect, which made it a fantastic and well-organized event that was an absolute pleasure to share with the friends that followed us. We also managed to raise 4,610€ for children in South-East Asia, which was an extra boost for both training and racing. In this post, let me briefly present our way to Ironman France: the idea, the training, the event, the race and the learnings. Continue reading →

Help us raise 13,500€ for children in South-East Asia (and finish Ironman France)

Cheering crowd

Enfants du Mékong supporters at the “20km de Paris” race in 2012. That’s were Antoine and I noticed their involvement in sports!

Hello all, I would like to present you a project that we have with a friend: that of competing at Ironman France in June 2013 and – more importantly – raising funds for an NGO called Enfants du Mékong (Children of Mekong). Enfants du Mékong is a French NGO that focuses on helping the youth in South-East Asia, mostly by allowing people to sponsor a child’s education, but also by supporting local development projects like building schools (see map below in this post).

We will participate in the financing of a pre-school in Bou Sra (Cambodgia) which costs 13,500€ to run for 3 years. The more we collect, the easier it will be for Enfants du Mékong to set up the school there… I’d like you to help us achieve our funding goal! Continue reading →

A review of “Running With The Kenyans” by Adharanand Finn

book cover

A couple of months ago, I read on article in a British newspaper (The Guardian, or The Telegraph… I don’t remember) about that book. Running With The Kenyansrelates the experience of Adharanand Finn, a British journalists who decided to live and train in Iten, the land of a thousand runnes in Kenya, in order to find out what makes them so fast. (Luckily) he doesn’t find an answer to that question. He actually finds out that there are numerous factors that come into play: Continue reading →

Consumer creativity across cultures: the case of basketball fans


Li Ning’s “Year of the Dragon” collection is specifically targetted towards the Chinese consumer (image via

Currently my PhD work is taking an interesting direction: how does crowdsourcing work across borders? I just blogged about a crowdsourcing experiment in China, and about evidence from Mechanical Turk, and in this post I’d like to share the findings of a paper that looked at creative expression across cultures: A Comparison of Creative Behaviours in Online Communities across Cultures (Jawecki, Füller & Gebauer, 2011). To my knowledge is one of the few papers today to compare creative consumer behaviour across cultures. “We find that culture does have an influence on creative processes and expressions“, the authors say. Here’s why. Continue reading →

My experience with Jawbone UP


The Jawbone UP is a gadget. It’s a bracelet that tracks all your movements: steps, sleep etc. The smartphone app is supposed to do the rest, like analyze your activity, save your meals and tell you what is best to live a healthier life. For those who prefer to watch it in a video, check out Jawbone’s official video for the UP. The most popular comment of the YouTube video is full of common sense: “Give me a break. If humans need an app to do this, we’re in more trouble than I thought“. However, I wanted to try it, and I think the Jawbone UP has a lot of potential. I received it a couple of weeks ago and, as Cliff Kuang puts it in his Fast.Co.Design post, it’s a failure! It is a failure today, with the current application and the undeniable flaws that can’t be corrected anymore. But it could become an awesome product, similarly to the iPhone. Here’s what I think of it today… and how I think it could be improved to become really useful. Continue reading →