Impressions of the Co-Creation Awards event ceremony in Utrecht, Netherlands

Last Thursday I was at the CapGemini Campus in Utrecht (The Netherlands) for the 2012 Co-Creation Awards ceremony. Beside announcing the winners of the Awards in each of the four categories, it was also a great place to hold workshops and attend presentations. For example, co-creation expert Gaurav Bhalla presented (via Skype) how co-creation and collaboration go together, then we held a series of workshops around co-creation as well as a panel discussion. And then, of course, the winners were announced.

It was a great event set up by the PDMA, the Co-Creation Association, the Co-Creation Forum, CapGemini and eYeka (for whom I work as a Research Fellow,, just to mention it as a disclaimer). It was also an opportunity to catch up with co-creation-twitter-and-blogging-friend Joyce Van Dijk, who now works at MWM2 as Dialogue Manager. Maybe next year I’ll meet some more people there? Don’t hesitate to follow the event’s twitter account to stay tuned.


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