Crowdsourcing As A Way to Get Creative Ideas and Content – #SEMPL15

Click to see article (PDF)Any Slovenian-speaking readers of this blog? If yes, the click on the image left to read “Množičenje kot način pridobivanja kreativnih idej in vsebin,” which could be translated into “Crowdsourcing as a way to get creative ideas and content,” published in the Slovenian Marketing Magazin before SEMPL15, where I’ll speak about crowdsourcing in video advertising at the end of this month.

Simona Kruhar Gaberšček told me that crowdsourcing doesn’t have a translation in Slovenian, and that they chose to call it množičenje, a word that is almost unknown by Google Search, even though Google Translate tells me it’s close to the Slovenian for Dowel. Anyway. For those of you who don’t talk Slovenian, here’s the translation of the interview (links have been added by myself). Continue reading →

Impressions of the Co-Creation Awards event ceremony in Utrecht, Netherlands

Last Thursday I was at the CapGemini Campus in Utrecht (The Netherlands) for the 2012 Co-Creation Awards ceremony. Beside announcing the winners of the Awards in each of the four categories, it was also a great place to hold workshops and attend presentations. For example, co-creation expert Gaurav Bhalla presented (via Skype) how co-creation and collaboration go together, then we held a series of workshops around co-creation as well as a panel discussion. And then, of course, the winners were announced.

It was a great event set up by the PDMA, the Co-Creation Association, the Co-Creation Forum, CapGemini and eYeka (for whom I work as a Research Fellow,, just to mention it as a disclaimer). It was also an opportunity to catch up with co-creation-twitter-and-blogging-friend Joyce Van Dijk, who now works at MWM2 as Dialogue Manager. Maybe next year I’ll meet some more people there? Don’t hesitate to follow the event’s twitter account to stay tuned.


Why classifying the actors of crowdsourcing is so difficult


Click on the image to download a large version

A couple of months ago, the website released a neat infographic called the 2011 Crowdsourcing Industry Landscape. It gathers various websites and companies which leverage crowdsourcing as a business model. This post is not about discussing whether crowdsourcing is an industry or a work process, I just want to clarify this taxonomy, based on other sources and my humble experience. Continue reading →

Carrefour’s Global VP of Design about branding, design and innovation


The slide says : "It's not the consumer who does change with the time, but He changes the time"

Yesterday, the Design & Innovation club of the ESSCA-Alumni invited Philippe Picaud, VP of Design of the world’s second-largest retailer Carrefour, to speak about his experience and the role of design in corporate strategy. The speaker is learned designer, and highlights that “in the 70’s, designers were not meant to stay within corporation“. He did. He took on more and more design responsabilities in companies such as Texas Instruments, Philips or the French sports retailer Decathlon, which he morphed “from a retail-company to a brands-company“. It’s his fault if Decathlon is the only credible and innovative sports vendors in France! 😉 Continue reading →