My Favorites in October: Importance of Self-Discipline, 100 Years Contour Bottles & Meaningful Branding

Image via VSA Partners (click to see video)For the first time since I started blogging, I’m sharing a self-improvement a.k.a. life advice article written on Medium, which seems to be the top of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ Hierarcchy of Needs. Entrepreneur and blogger Oskar Nowik writes about the importance of self-discipline in life, and it’s geniunely a great article. Other cool stuff in October include a fantastic interview of Coca-Cola’s brand historian Ted Ryan, a feature about the most prolific of all Wikipedia editors, and a short video called “IBM on Brand,” part of a series of short films created to capture the current thinking behind leadership brands. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to an inspiring and exciting month of November now! Continue reading →


My Favorites in September: Airbnb’s Brand Strategy, The World’s Last Globemakers & Mothers of ISIS Fighters

Image via

Image by Bellerby & Co Globemakers

How/why did the Amazon Phone fail? What do Converse and Airbnb do in order to make their brands attractive to existing communities? And do globemakers still exist today? Some answers are answered in this month’s favorites.

It’s a heterogeneous mix of articles about branding, marketing, ISIS and more that I would like to share this September. My personal favorite is the last link of this list, a truly insightful post by Standard Chartered Bank’s Global Head of Digital Marketing, Damien Cummings. I would urge every other brand marketer to write something similar, it would make my life so much easier 🙂 And it would allow for a lot of synergies between brands and agencies.

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My Favorites in August: Brand Challenges, Speaking Out Against Racism & The Creative Apocalypse

Illustration by Andrew Rae (via

“The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t” (via, illustration by Andrew Rae)

August, the month of holidays, sunshine, nature and sports… right? To me it was all of the above, but I also read a couple of very interesting articles, watched debates and opinion pieces. In this month’s favorites you will find a single article about cycling (!) and many more about creativity and innovation, marketing challenges and tolerance.

Yes, tolerance. I translated the short position piece of a German TV anchor, published it on this blog and on YouTube, and was stunned by all the hate comments that it received. After the surprise, and thinking about it, I see it as a sad manifestation of trolls’ and racists’ hopelessness. I prefer them to just comment under a video than to represent me in our parliaments and institutions. Anyway, here are some much more interesting things to read and watch. I hope you’ll like them too.

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My Favorites In May: Airbnb’s Impact on Hotels, Facebook’s Branding & Italian Architects Fight Crowdsourcing

Image via "Office of Ben Barry"

Image via “Office of Ben Barry”

Here are 10 tweets from the month of May, which I found worthwhile sharing again. Two of them are about architects and their attitude towards competition(s), one is about corporate branding and design (see the image on the left), others just share some nice advertising. I also enjoyed reading this AdAge article about Google’s battle against click fraud, which costs online advertisers its customers $6.3 billion a year, according to a study by White Ops and the ANA. It nicely reminds us that every internet service has a cost – in this case it’s combatting abuse – which impacts both the bottom line of the company and that of its users. Gaining trust in online environments is crucial, which is why Google went “public” with this article, a nice PR effort to position itself as an industry leader.

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How Brazilian bike manufacturer Caloi refined its brand proposition

Caloi is a major Brazilian bike manufacturer based in São Paulo, as well a leading brand for over 110 years. Caloi felt they needed to get closer to consumers and to understand what its brand meant to Brazlinian consumers. Together with Brazilian agency CO.R Inovação, they initiated a research project called “Reinventing the two wheels,” designed to understand the role of the bicycle and the Caloi in Brazilian’s lives. Very similarly to the Shimano Coasting initiative conducted by Shimano and IDEO, this project  consisted in meeting consumers of the target  audience in major cities in order to “discover the meaning and the importance a bike has on a biker life.” Explanations from Mariana Loducca Kok, one of the project’s managers at CO.R Inovação. Continue reading →

A series of books about experience design: J’ADOOORE


Patricia Gallot-Lavallée calls herself an experience designer. She leads a consulting firm called Kenazart Experience Designers and is currently promoting a 6-part book called J’adooore – Six ingredients that create fans. The objective is to highlight what it is that make brands and products desirable:

  • Beauty
  • Scarcity
  • Suspense
  • Surprise
  • Humor
  • A “secret ingredient”

She was kind enough to send me the two first parts of the series (1) beauty and (2) scarcity. It features a very diverse set of examples and interviews, and the overall  idea if recognizing patterns of brand success is also interesting. However, I must say that I was surprised by the almost autobiographic tone of the book. The author speaks a lot about herself, about well-known brands and not-so-well-known experts. Surprisingly, she doesn’t feature a lot of examples of her own consulting work neither, which would have been good to promote her expertise. I’m curious how the next “ingredients” will be explained, and what the “secret ingredient will” be!