My Favorites of April: Your Career At 30, Crowdfunding Stories & #CSReport2016

Image via (click to access)

Image via (click to access)

Very little time to write at the moment, but I did have time to read & watch some great content in April. My favorites include a documentary about crowdfunding, which is great in telling some entrepreneurs’ stories before/after they got massive funding from the crowd. There is also some advice for career choices around 30, a great Wired piece about VR pioneer Rony Abovitz or the State of Crowdsourcing 2016 report. Continue reading →

Bye Bye eYeka, Hello WiSEED

WiSEED's homepage, opening doors to investment opportunities in startups, real estate projects & more (click to see more)

WiSEED’s homepage (click to see more)

After more than 5 years at eYeka, which have taught me a lot about marketing, communication, creativity, crowds, earned me a Masters and a PhD… I am happy to share that I will be joining WiSEED, the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform, as Marketing & Communications Director.

The platform has been a pioneer since its inception (created in 2008, online in June 2009), first by creating the equity crowdfunding model, then by diversifying investment opportunities to real estate or cooperatives, and many exciting projects are in the pipeline. I will participate in building the brand, growing and scaling the business, improving the user experience, among other things.

It is an exciting time to join WiSEED, and I hope to keep empowering crowds with this new endeavor. Here is a short post about what equity crowdfunding is, and why I think it’s a really interesting model for the future of business.

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My Favorites of March: Hustling With Uber, Crowdfunding Public Good & Prisoners Spend More Time Outdoors Than Kids

Joseph Francois, a French ride-hailing entrepreneur, portrayed in the FT this month (click to read full article)

Joseph Francois, French ride-hailing entrepreneur, portrayed in the FT this month (click to read article)

March was an interesting month from a personal standpoint (more about that in a couple of days) but it also had its fair share of great reads!

Some of it is about the platform economy, praised in an article by the Financial Times to break glass ceilings, and some relate to entrepreneurs’s challenges, business funding or laundry advertisements (good ones!). And there is some Donald Trump too. I hope it’s interesting for you. Continue reading →

My Favorites of February: Unicorn Branding, Bible Redesign & Creative Xenophobia

Image by Adam Lewis Greene (via

Image by Adam Lewis Greene (via

This short month of February is over, and it’s time to look at some of the most interesting – from my perspective – articles to read and look at.

There is some unicorn in it (Uber’s logo(s) change, WeWork’s stories to investors etc.), but also some interesting strategy cases (like Facebook’s effort to connect the developping world to its services) or  creative projects (like Greene’s crowdfunded Bible redesign, see left). I hope you had an interesting set of February reads too, and wish you a great start in the next week. Continue reading →

De la Couverture Médiatique du Sport Féminin (Mémoire de Vanessa Gerst)

"La Course by Tour de France" a été organisée pour la première fois en 2014, et a été remportée par Marianne Vos (image via

“La Course by Tour de France” a été organisée pour la première fois en 2014, et a été remportée par Marianne Vos (image via

Il y a des pays dans lesquels les femmes peuvent à peine faire partie du public dans des enceintes sportives. Heureusement, ce n’est pas le cas en France, et des efforts sont faits pour promouvoir le sport féminin, à la fois pour les athlètes que pour le public (comme avec La Course, organisée à l’arrivée du Tour de France). Mais il y a encore des inégalités de traitement (couverture médiatique, primes etc.) entre les sports masculins et féminins. Vanessa Gerst, une de mes étudiantes l’année dernière à l’ESSCA, a rendu un très bon mémoire sur le sport féminin dans l’ère du digital. Aujourd’hui stagiaire au sein du pôle Digital & Social Media chez Havas Sports & Entertainment, elle nous explique son travail. En espérant que cela puisse inspirer d’autres étudiants à faire en faire de si bons. Continue reading →

My Favorite Readings in March: Crowds Everywhere, Academic Discussions & Some Awesome Videos

Old Pictures of Shanghai in 1949 (click to see more)One of my favorite French blogs, InternetActu, offers a bi-monthly selection of articles, studies & papers which I always love to browse through. Despite being a little long, it offers a condensed view of the latest trends, beyond Mashable’s or FastCompany’s trending articles. In order to share more and better about marketing, design & other exciting subjects (the title of this blog), let me do the same on my side, sharing some of my preferred readings on a monthly basis. To start, here are some articles and links I have enjoyed in March, or tweets I’d like to share again. Continue reading →

The dynamics of backer support in crowdfunding: Findings from Kickstarter

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While I am more familiar with creative crowdsourcing, in this post I’d like to present the findings of a research paper about another form of crowdsourcing: crowdfunding. The paper (“Crowdfunding Creative Ideas: The Dynamics of Project Backers in Kickstarter“) has just been finished by Barry Bayus (whose paper about Dell Ideastorm I also blogged about) and his colleague Venkat Kuppuswamy, both professors at the Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. The authors highlight some interesting facts, revealing how psychology impacts backing behavior on Kickstarter. It hasn’t been published yet, it’s an early working paper, but the findings still hold true! Here are some of them.

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