Using Culturally Diverse Crowds To Source Global Ideas – My @BAQMAR Presentation

Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Crowdsourcing has been used for many things since the mid 2000’s and businesses are using it on an almost industrial scale. When it comes to marketing and innovation, the world’s biggest brands use crowdsourcing – asking the global crowd for creative, innovative and/or insightful ideas through online competitions – and use this diverse output to innovate faster or advertise better.

In this presentation, given at the 2014 BAQMaR Conference in Ghent, I briefly presented some insights into the composition of the global creative communities, the work that they do for brands, the most unlikely people to inspire massive advertising campaigns as well as scientific research findings (including our forthcoming ASQ paper) that relate to this emerging phenomenon. See the presentation embedded here (videos have been added into the presentation, I didn’t show them in Ghent):

The conference was fantastic, and we had some very interesting speakers. I would encourage anyone who ever has the opportunity to attend a BAQMAR event to go for it – both on the speaking and the attendance side – as the hosts are very welcoming and the programme is cutting edge. If you have questions or remarks pertaining my presentation, or eYeka, or crowdsourcing, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to comment below or get in touch.


  1. Very interesting presentation! Thank you. Do you know any examples of company using crowdsourcing to produce products, or deliver products? Thanks


    1. Oooohh there are a lot indeed (Quirky, Edison Nation, Local Motors being only a few examples). Could you refine your question if that is not precise enough for you?


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