Watch These 10 Awesome Brand Videos Taking Place In Paris

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

I love living in Paris, it is such a beautiful and vibrant city. In this post, I simply would like to share a couple of (crowdsourced) brand videos that star the city of light. My work at eYeka (Paris) allows me to see so many creative videos, both on eYeka and on other crowdsourcing platforms, that I just have to spread some of them, and why not take the place I live in as a common thread for all of them? Watch these videos submitted to various crowdsourcing competitions for brands like Microsoft, Lux, Lacoste, Puma and others… and come over visit this beautiful part of the world one day! Continue reading →

My Favorite Readings in May: Nobel Prizes Across Time and Space, Spurious Correlations & Shut Up Legs!

Mode à Longchamp. Paris, 17 mai 1914.  © Albert Harlingue / Roger-Viollet

Parisian couple, exactly 100 years ago (© Albert Harlingue / Roger-Viollet)

This is a photo of a Parisian couple, walking around the Longchamps hippodrome on May 17th 1914 (photo by Paris en Images). It has no link whatsoever with the content of this post – my favorite readings of May 2014 – beside the fact that it was taken exactly 100 years before I tweeted about the ESCP Europe Spring Research Camp. But I just thought it was a cool illustration, showing Parisians in style. Parisians still have style.

Anyway, below you will find my preferred articles and videos of this month. There’s a TED talk about sports, a couple of videos (viral or not), some images, a couple of articles and a visualization. I hope you like it. Continue reading →

My Favorite Readings in March: Crowds Everywhere, Academic Discussions & Some Awesome Videos

Old Pictures of Shanghai in 1949 (click to see more)One of my favorite French blogs, InternetActu, offers a bi-monthly selection of articles, studies & papers which I always love to browse through. Despite being a little long, it offers a condensed view of the latest trends, beyond Mashable’s or FastCompany’s trending articles. In order to share more and better about marketing, design & other exciting subjects (the title of this blog), let me do the same on my side, sharing some of my preferred readings on a monthly basis. To start, here are some articles and links I have enjoyed in March, or tweets I’d like to share again. Continue reading →

Gelehrter Betriebswirt, Professionneller Tänzer und Animationskünstler

Die "Fette Moves" Crew, mit Florian Genal, links

Die “Fette Moves” Crew, mit Florian Genal, links

Ich habe seite langer Zeit nichts mehr auf Deutsch geschrieben. Seit sehr langer Zeit, sogar! In diesem Post möchte ich Florian Genal vorstellen, ein professionneller Tänzer aus Karlsruhe, der nebenbei auch sehr erfolgreicher 3D-Künstler ist. Florian a.k.a. FlojoArt hat in der Tat über 10 Wettbewerbe auf eYeka gewonnen (bei seinem letzten Interview vor über einem Jahr waren es noch 7), und wird wahrscheinlich in den nächsten Monaten noch einige Preise gewinnen. Wer ist er? Wie kam er zu diesem Hobby? Was macht er heute?

Hier sind einige Antworten… und die Erkenntniss, dass mann im Leben alles mögliche erreichen kann. Continue reading →

Interview d’Alexandre Dinaut, Réalisateur de la Vidéo “Edward” pour SFR

En avril 2011, SFR lançait un concours vidéo sur eYeka, demandant aux internautes de s’inspirer des classiques du cinéma et de “réaliser une séquence de 30 à 60 secondes mettant en scène un ou plusieurs services de la plateforme“. Il ne s’agissait pas de copier des scènes de film existantes ou de mettre en scène des personnages connus (ce sont des éléments protégés par des droits d’auteur) mais de mettre en scène les fonctionnalités de dans des spots cinématographiques.

De nombreuses vidéos très créatives ont été proposées, mais l’une d’entre-elles a bluffé la communauté (voir les commentaires), le jury (gagnant du prix du jury) et les clients de SFR (gagnant du prix aux votes) : Edward d’Alexandre Dinaut, alias Denverconcept, de Lille (59). Alexandre a eu la gentillesse de prendre quelques minutes pour répondre à mes questions via Skype, me décrivant comment cette superbe pub a vu le jour.

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“The video contest landscape is like the Wild West” says an experienced participant


Image via Gerard Elmore (vimeo)

I recently read a very interesting blog post from Jared Cicon (a.k.a. Video Contest King) about participation in crowdsourcing. Jared is a pioneer participant in video contests; he was one of the finalists of the first Doritos contest in 2006, and has taken (and won) a lot of contests since then. In his blog post “You…against the rest of the freelance world“, Jared shares his point of view about the current video contest lanscape. In his blog post, he says how much more competitive it is now: “what I’m hoping to demonstrate […] is how difficult it can be to freelance in our video world, and that we are clearly facing ongoing increased competition with every passing week“. As a consequence, he says, brands’ expectations are getting higher and it is therefore more difficult to win contests and earn money.

While it is always tempting to do those things that feel more ‘artisitic’ and which are more personally fulfilling, they must be balanced with content that the brands can use and that ‘get the money to pay the bills’

The crux of his blog post is “Evolve or die” – much like in the Wild West. I invite you to read the great post that he wrote on his blog if you want to find out more. After reading his insightful post on his blog, I thought it would be great to talk about crowdsourcing “from the other side”. He nicely took the time to answer a couple of questions about himself, his activity as a producer and about crowdsourced video production in general, and it’s my pleasure to publish the interview here on the blog. Continue reading →