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I’m Happy To Share My Data For Research Purposes (#Crowdsourcing #CoCreation #OpenInnovation #Marketing)

6 February 2016
Image via

Image via

We all benefit from sharing knowledge” I like to say. That’s why I initially started this blog, that’s why I keep it alive and blog on other platforms too. That’s also why I chose to share panel data a while ago, which I hope has been used by people to better understand motivations and willingness to engage in online co-creation.

Now I would like to offer 3 more opportunities to benefit from data I’ve gathered over the years – and that I’d hate to see sit idle on my hard drive: the Creatives In The Crowd data (map), the Crowdsourcing Timeline data (timelines), and the “eYeka Research Survey 2014” data (survey). You may use it for academic, market or trend research… truth is that I won’t be able to analyze it all. So let’s discuss! Read more…

My Favorites of January: GE’s Hot Sauce, Brand Names Across The World & Facebook Reactions

31 January 2016
Image by GE, via

Image by GE, via

Happy New Year! In France we have until January 31st to share our greetings, so I am just in time. This month, I have watched & read a number of things that I would like to share with you, including a beautifull 4K video of Brittany, a funny sketch about French peoples’ way to say ‘hello’, posts about GE’s brand marketing & activation strategy, or some articles about blockchain. I hope you enjoy it. Read more…

Merci, Thank You, Danke, Trugarez

19 January 2016
Les remerciements après la soutenance, un des moments les plus importants!

Les remerciements après la soutenance!

Voici un long message de remerciement pour beaucoup de personnes! C’est un extrait de mon introduction de thèse, dans laquelle je voudrais exprimer ma gratitude à tous ceux qui ont nourri le travail des 4 dernières années. Lorsqu’on s’engage dans un travail de thèse, on s’engage dans une longue aventure constituée de multiples phases successives. Je ne parle pas uniquement des phases « classiques » du travail de recherche […].

Ces phases m’avaient été enseignées à l’ESSCA Ecole de Management, au sein de laquelle j’ai effectué un mémoire de recherche, grâce à des enseignements méthodologiques très précis. Je voudrais donc remercier mes professeurs à l’ESSCA Ecole de Management pour m’avoir transmis cette curiosité intellectuelle et ces méthodes pour mener à bout un travail de thèse. Je tiens particulièrement à remercier le Professeur Jean-François Lemoine, qui a suivi mon mémoire de fin d’études et m’a ouvert les portes de la Sorbonne en m’encourageant à mener un travail de recherche plus approfondi, plus rigoureux et bien plus engageant que celui de mémoire. Read more…

Invitation : Soutenance de Thèse de Doctorat #Crowdsourcing #Marketing

3 January 2016

Sorbonne Galerie GersonChers amis, j’ai le grand plaisir de vous inviter à ma soutenance de thèse, qui se tiendra le mercredi 13 janvier 2016 à 14h, en Sorbonne :

“Comprendre la participation des internautes au crowdsourcing : Une étude des antécédents de l’intention de participation à une plateforme créative.”

Ce travail a été conduit sous la direction de Jean-François Lemoine (Professeur, Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne) et le jury sera composé de Madame Emmanuelle Le Nagard-Assayag (Professeure, ESSEC Business School), Monsieur Jean-Marc Decaudin (Professeur, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole), Monsieur Benjamin Morisse (Professeur, ESSCA Ecole de Management), Monsieur François Pétavy (Directeur Général, eYeka) et Monsieur Alexandre Steyer (Professeur, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne). Read more…

My Favorites in December: CMO Interviews, Undelivered Letters & Happy New Year!

31 December 2015
Photograph: Hague Museum for Communication (via

Photograph: Hague Museum for Communication (via

The year 2015 is over, and after WordPress sent me my 2015 annual blogging report, I start by thanking the readers of this blog, who mainly arrived here through Facebook, eYeka’s blog and Twitter. The 64,000 viewers of the blog came from 179 countries in 2015, most of them from France (about 20,000) and the United States (about 15,000). But enough of the numbers, just a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU for your interest!

In this December recap, I share some of my favorite links that inspired, interested or entertained me – and maybe you’ll like them too? Below are some CMO interviews, articles about (social) media, cycling or memorabilia, and more stuff that I enjoyed looking at in December.

Read more…

Elon Musk About Using Prize Competitions To Tackle Climate Change #COP21 #ElonSorbonne

3 December 2015
Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Elon Musk at center stage (Richelieu amphitheatre), taking questions from the audience

Yesterday, Elon Musk came to the Sorbonne, giving a talk about climate change and the importance to act in favor of the environment. One of the Sorbonne’s constituting universities invited him to present and discuss with students, on the same stage where Morgan Freeman, who plays Professor Samuel Norman, spoke in Lucy (the movie). “[COP21] is a crucial event aiming to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, [and] in parallel to the official negotiations, the civil society is getting ready to demonstrate its mobilization and send a message to the decision makers,” the official invitation said. “In this context, Elon Musk accepted [to] share his vision in front of the students. He will discuss how we can all take meaningful action towards changing the future.Read more…

My Favorites in November: Advertising in 60 Seconds, Problematic Crowd Work & The Parisian Lifestyle

30 November 2015

History of Advertising Timeline

This was a special month here in Paris, especially the second half, with the terrorist attacks and the start of the COP21 climate conference shrouding the city in a very particular atmosphere. Much more security, armed forces on almost every street corner, helicopters, heads of state… it’s not the usual Parisian life. But nevertheless, the earth keeps spinning, people will not stop going into bars and cafés, and I won’t stop sharing my favorite inspirations neither. Here are some tweets about entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, crowd labor and Paris (of course). Make sure to look at the short video about Google’s “Alive Memory” project in Russia. Read more…


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