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Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Frohe Weihnachten. Nedeleg laouen!

25 December 2014
Santa Didn't Give Me a Finished Thesis

Santa didn’t leave me a finished thesis, this year (but I hope to call myself a PhD in the next year)

This post is just to wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas, a Joyeux Noël (French), Frohe Weihnachten (German), Nedeleg laouen (Breton)! It’s also to share the news that I will be switching to a full-time corporate job next year, becoming Marketing Manager at eYeka. I am indeed done with the 3-year CIFRE convention that I had signed in January 2012, which allowed me to be part-time employee & part-time PhD student, and I am now keen to start a corporate career as a marketer. Read more…

Our @ASQJournal Paper is Online! Here Are 10 Salient Quotes From It

13 December 2014

Click to access ASQ article pageI recently blogged about the construct of cultural tightness, and about the paper that we wrote about cultural tightness and creativity on a global scale, which got accepted in ASQ.

The article, now called “The Impact of Culture on Creativity, How Cultural Tightness and Cultural Distance Affect Global Innovation Crowdsourcing Work,” is now online, published before print publication probably mid-2015. Here are 10 quotes from the article. Read more…

Watch These 10 Awesome Brand Videos Taking Place In Paris

9 December 2014
Image via Harold Davis (click to access)

Image via Harold Davis (click to access)

I love living in Paris, it is such a beautiful and vibrant city. In this post, I simply would like to share a couple of (crowdsourced) brand videos that star the city of light. My work at eYeka (Paris) allows me to see so many creative videos, both on eYeka and on other crowdsourcing platforms, that I just have to spread some of them, and why not take the place I live in as a common thread for all of them? Watch these videos submitted to various crowdsourcing competitions for brands like Microsoft, Lux, Lacoste, Puma and others… and come over visit this beautiful part of the world one day! Read more…

My Favorites of November: Localized Marketing, GoPro In A Bubble & The ROI of Creativity

29 November 2014

Place Charles de Gaulle around 7pmHave you ever seen an appartment that had been abandoned for decades and opened again only recently? What does it look like to see austronauts from inside a bubble? Which brands are most influential on social media? Some of this month’s links will give you answers to these questions. The others are little bit more serious and mostly related to (localized) marketing, (crowdsourced) design or creativity. Here are 9 links from November. Don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments! Read more…

Using Culturally Diverse Crowds To Source Global Ideas – My @BAQMAR Presentation

26 November 2014
Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Click to see presentation on Slideshare

Crowdsourcing has been used for many things since the mid 2000’s and businesses are using it on an almost industrial scale. When it comes to marketing and innovation, the world’s biggest brands use crowdsourcing – asking the global crowd for creative, innovative and/or insightful ideas through online competitions – and use this diverse output to innovate faster or advertise better. Read more…

My Favorites Of October: Singapore’s Tight Data Surveillance, Google’s Investment In Cinematic Reality & 7 Advantages A PhD

1 November 2014

Image via FlickrIn October, which I spent in Singapore for work, I read and watched a couple of interesting things (note that I changed this series from “My Favorite Readings…” to “My Favorites …” because I’ll feature more images, videos and interactive sites rather than just articles from now on).

One of the articles is a great Foreign Policy article about Singapore’s electronic surveillance policy, explaining how the government is watching Big Data to “protect national security [and] engineer a more harmonious society.”

Other topics include articles about the specificities of the academic job market, a start-up innovation program launched by Coca-Cola, a documentary about the creative brief, a cool creative filmmaking project launched in 3 world cities (including Paris), Google’s latest investment and more.

Read more…

What The European Commission’s Reports Say About The Future Of Crowdsourcing

7 October 2014

business innovation observatory crowdsourcing

The European Commission has asked PwC to write a series of reports and case studies about innovative businesses and business models, which you can find on Business Innovation Observatory. Two of these reports (Crowdsourced Manufacturing and Customer Incentives and Involvement) – based on research conducted by PwC’s consultants and interviews with CEOs and founders of innovative companies like Shapeways, Quirky or eYeka – talk about the trend of crowdsourcing, outline this trend’s drivers and obstacles, and formulate policy recommendations pertaining its development. Both prove to be very insightful when it comes to the future of crowdsourcing. Read more…


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