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My Favorites From February: Samsung’s TV Privacy Policy, Bradley Wiggins’ Evolution & Google Cardboard

1 March 2015

Yannig Google CardboardHere are a dozen of links, stories and videos that I liked in February. From Parker Higgins’ viral tweet about Samsung’s Smart TV to the Google Cardboard virtual reality gadget and a magnificent video about Dubai, I hope you’ll find some stimulating things here.  I’ve also inserted two cycling-related links where great champions, Sir Bradley Wiggins and François Pervis, tell us a little bit about their life experiences and cycling in different cultures – each in their own ways. I hope you like it, share it, and you have a great day! Read more…

My Favorties Of December: Countries As Brands, Sorbonne From The Inside & Choices Across Cultures

31 December 2014

Image via @HistoricalPics (click to see tweet)To wrap up 2014 nicely, here is a selection of links (articles, reports, interviews, photos…) that I liked and tweeted in December. Articles about crowdsourcing, content marketing, entrepreneurship and open creativity populate this wrap-up, I hope you will like them.

For me, 2015 will mark a pivot year as I will start as a full-time Marketing Manager at eYeka, shifting the focus away from research and towards driving business results for the world’s leading creative crowdsourcing platform. I just found this part of my job to keep me going more than only doing teaching and research (note that I will finish my thesis, continue working on currently ongoing research projects and start teaching marketing at ESSCA Business School, so I’m not totally changing focus).

Happy 2015 to you all! Read more…

Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Frohe Weihnachten. Nedeleg laouen!

25 December 2014
Santa Didn't Give Me a Finished Thesis

Santa didn’t leave me a finished thesis, this year (but I hope to call myself a PhD in the next year)

This post is just to wish all readers of this blog a Merry Christmas, a Joyeux Noël (French), Frohe Weihnachten (German), Nedeleg laouen (Breton)! It’s also to share the news that I will be switching to a full-time corporate job next year, becoming Marketing Manager at eYeka. I am indeed done with the 3-year CIFRE convention that I had signed in January 2012, which allowed me to be part-time employee & part-time PhD student, and I am now keen to start a corporate career as a marketer. Read more…

Here’s What A French CMO Thinks About Creative Crowdsourcing

20 December 2014
Click on the image to see the contest results on eYeka

Click on the image to see the contest results on eYeka

Earlier this year, Aviva launched a contest, asking the eYeka community to share their ideas about what “useful” means to them when it comes to insurance (disclaimer: I work at eYeka as a Marketing Manager). “Tell us what your needs are […] and help Aviva become the most useful insurance company ever!” the brief asked. Aviva received about 50 ideas from over 20 countries, which the company praised as being “interesting and rich entries,” and rewarded 3 ideas from Singapore, Mexico and Argentina. What did the person behind the project think about creative crowdsourcing? Here’s a translation of what Françoise Lamotte, Aviva France’s former CMO, shared about the crowdsourcing experience on her blog.

The original article, called “Le crowdsourcing à l’assaut de la forteresse des créatifs?” (“Is crowdsourcing taking the creative fortress by storm?“) was published here; this is a translation of it (emphases and links added by myself). You can find the contest results and the brand’s feedback to the community on the contest announcement page too. Read more…

Our @ASQJournal Paper is Online! Here Are 10 Salient Quotes From It

13 December 2014

Click to access ASQ article pageI recently blogged about the construct of cultural tightness, and about the paper that we wrote about cultural tightness and creativity on a global scale, which got accepted in ASQ.

The article, now called “The Impact of Culture on Creativity, How Cultural Tightness and Cultural Distance Affect Global Innovation Crowdsourcing Work,” is now online, published before print publication probably mid-2015. Here are 10 quotes from the article. Read more…


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