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Call For Papers: 13th E-Marketing Research Conference (Sorbonne) in September 2014

4 April 2014
The Amphithéâtre Oury (or "Amphi de Gestion") where the conference takes place

The Amphithéâtre Oury (or “Amphi de Gestion”) where the conference takes place

Would you like to come to the Sorbonne? Are you teaching and/or research topics related to web-marketing, digital marketing, internet consumption, consumer behavior, or other related topics? On September 12th 2014, the Interdisciplinary Management Research Lab (PRISM) of the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (where I am PhD student) organizes a research conference with the support of the French Marketing Association (AFM) and ESSCA Ecole de Management. Here’s the call for papers. Read more…

My Favorite Readings in March: Crowds Everywhere, Academic Discussions & Some Awesome Videos

31 March 2014

Old Pictures of Shanghai in 1949 (click to see more)One of my favorite French blogs, InternetActu, offers a bi-monthly selection of articles, studies & papers which I always love to browse through. Despite being a little long, it offers a condensed view of the latest trends, beyond Mashable’s or FastCompany’s trending articles. In order to share more and better about marketing, design & other exciting subjects (the title of this blog), let me do the same on my side, sharing some of my preferred readings on a monthly basis. To start, here are some articles and links I have enjoyed in March, or tweets I’d like to share again. Read more…

Can’t The French Do Better Than That? #Creativity #Consumer #Innovation

28 March 2014
Image via La Fabrique à A Innovation's newsletter (click to read)

Image via La Fabrique à A Innovation’s newsletter (click to read)

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post about French competitors of Quirky. I briefly presented 3 of them: Nov’In, MyKompany and La Fabrique à Innovations (The Innovation Factory, in French). Earlier this week I received their newsletter in which they announced that they were moving to bigger offices in Marseille (South-East), leaving Narbonne (South-West). I think this is great news and I’d like to congratulate them very sincerely; it’s a good step for this promising French start-up to develop and push consumer creativity in France. However, what bugged me in the newsletter is the presentation of products currently being developped. Read more…

Présentation sur le crowdsourcing et l’innovation collaborative chez @BELGroup

20 March 2014

BEL Group Inspiring Lunch Crowdsourcing

Hier, grâce à la recommandation d’un ami doctorant, j’ai eu le plaisir de faire une présentation sur l’innovation collaborative et le crowdsourcing chez BEL Group (Leerdammer, La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri etc.). L’objectif était d’inspirer les équipes marketing à de façons de faire du marketing autrement, à leur présenter ce qu’il se passait à la marge des pratiques dominantes. Bien que le crowdsourcing devient de plus en plus mainstream, c’est encore une pratique peu connue. J’espère avoir apporté ma contribution au “Inspiring Lunch” organisé par BEL hier. Pour les curieux, voici (ci-dessous) une partie de ma présentation. Read more…

Oxylane Launches (Another) Sports-Related Open Innovation Platform

12 February 2014
Today (February 12th) the Open Oxyale page is still in teaser mode. Click to access

Today (February 12th) the Open Oxyale page is still in teaser mode. Click to access

On April 1st, Oxylane Group will launch “Open Oxylane,” a sports-related open innovation platform. That’s what the French trade magazine LSA reported yesterday. Despite the launch date, it’s probably serious business. Oxylane Group, which runs the Decathlon department stores, has already made inroads into co-creation and open innovation: in October 2011 I blogged about b’Twin Lab, a co-creation platform dedicated to cycling products (which has closed since), and in April 2012 I blogged about a series of contests run by the same brand with Local Motors. These didn’t seem to have been a success, but with Open Oxylane, the company keeps pushing.
Read more…

The Three French Challengers of Quirky

6 February 2014

Quirky’s mantra is to “make invention accessible” to all – and it seems to work if you judge by the success of Quirky in the United States. But as soon as you have success, you also start having competition, either globally or locally. A lot of entrepreneurs want to replicate that idea in their respective countries, adapt it, tweak it a bit.

In France, a country that pioneered the concept between 2007 and 2011 with the rise and fall of CrowdSpirit, where I also happen to live and work, collaborative innovation platforms are popping up like mushrooms. What are they called? Who are their founders? What is their model? What are they ambitions? Let’s have a look at Quirky France… and three of their challengers: Nov’in, La Fabrique à Innovations, and MyKompany. Read more…

Getting Consumers’ Attention Becomes More Expensive (#Advertising #Research)

28 January 2014
Consumers are looking at more screens. One of many reasons that explain the rise of consumer attention (photo via

Consumers are looking at more screens. One of many reasons that explain the rise of consumer attention (photo via

The quality of consumer attention has been falling for decades, and consumers find product informations on the web rather than on TV these days. That what’s Thales Texeira, assistant professor in Harvard Business School’s Marketing Unit, explain sin a recent working paper. What can marketers do about that? Beefing up advertising or setting up price promotions can have negative effects on current profits and future revenues. Hence, Texeira says that marketers should focus on reducing cost (create & distribute advertising for less money, using crowdsourcing, for example) or on increasing quality (create better ads and tailoring them to increase conversion). Read more…


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