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I Read This Book About The Importance of Wasting Time on the Internet

16 October 2016
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Are we becoming lazier and dumbing ourselves down with silly content on the internet? Should we be scared that most of us look like sleepwalking zombies when walking while staring at our smartphones? Many believe it, and countless articles are written around that narrative. Not much room for optimism. Kenneth Goldsmith, a poet and artist from New York City, believes that more good than bad stems from our increased connectedness – and he wrote a book about it: “Wasting Time On The Internet.” Read more…

My Favorites of September: Finding Your Purpose, Pope Francis & Recruiting Product Managers

30 September 2016

Dario Grandinetti’s brilliant role of Pope Francis

It’s been two-and-a-half years (first was in April 2014) now that I am doing these monthly posts, and I find them very useful to sort the best out of the daily reads, tweets and other activities that fills our lives. I hope they are equally useful for you, reader.

We had a nice month of September in Paris, with warm weather and lots of sunshine. While the sun was shining, I read & watched a number of things that I want to share with you : ads, movies, comics, articles and more.
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My Favorites of August: Scaling Design at Spotify, Matthew Inman & Inside GE Digital

31 August 2016

Click to read about my #Embrunman

A hot month of August ends today. Work and life, the two sides of a well-known balance, both brought along a number of interesting thoughts and links that I share in this blog post.

Here are some of my favorite stories from August, from design at Spotify to an interview of Matthew Inman and – that’s the picture on the left – my thoughts about completing another Ironman. Read more…

An honest blog post about training for, and finishing, #EmbrunMan 2016

12 August 2016

what my friends think I do - ironman

There is something irrational about participating in Ironman-distance races : running a marathon after hours of swimming and biking, doing that within one day, aiming to finish before the time limit, enjoying the excitement, the effort, the pain and the pride. It seems reserved to an elite few with superior capabilities, willpower and a perfect lifestyle. Organizers and athletes sustain this image because it just makes them look good. But reality is different : it is also made of a lot of doubt, a fair amount of junk food, regularly snoozing the alarm clock and delaying training sessions.

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My Favorites of July: Product Onboarding, Design at GoPro & Bulambuli Valley

31 July 2016

bulambuli valley crowdfunding videoTechnically speaking, a chicken is an ancient and highly efficient 3D-printer. That’s one of the fun facts of the “Bulambuli Valley” video to raise funds for Uganda through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Find this hilarious video and 9 other links, most of which relate to user experience and design management, in the July digest.
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Avec #MaRecolte, WiSEED a mis La Défense au vert

7 July 2016

WiTHINK - le blog de WiSEED

Depuis plus de 8 ans maintenant, WiSEED démocratise l’investissement en permettant à des particuliers d’investir dans des actifs qui étaient jusque-là réservés à des privilégiés. Start-ups, projets immobiliers, sociétés coopératives… (et bien d’autres actifs dans les cartons qui vous seront présentés d’ici la fin de l’année). Notre cœur de métier et de sélectionner les meilleurs projets à proposer aux investisseurs désirant flécher leurs investissements et donner du sens à leur épargne. Pour faire connaître WiSEED, sa communauté d’optimistes, et apporter un peu de fraîcheur au milieu de la Finance , nous avons lancé l’opération #MaRecolte. En voici un petit bilan pour vous, WiSEEDers, investisseurs et curieux.

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My Favorites of June: French Workplace, PayPal’s ‘Lost Decade’ & Dumb Smart Contracts

30 June 2016
PayPal video FORTUNE screenshot

Screenshot of Fortune’s video (click to watch)

Another busy month, with news like the European soccer event (#Euro2016) and a European shocker decision (#Brexit2016) that made – and still make – he headlines.

I’ve also attended a number of ‘blockchain-for-crowdfunding’ meetings, which I may blog later about, and read some cool stuff.

Here’s some of the cool stuff, summarized for you in the traditional monthly digest. I hope that you share the interest.

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