My Favorites Of October: Singapore’s Tight Data Surveillance, Google’s Investment In Cinematic Reality & 7 Advantages A PhD

Image via FlickrIn October, which I spent in Singapore for work, I read and watched a couple of interesting things (note that I changed this series from “My Favorite Readings…” to “My Favorites …” because I’ll feature more images, videos and interactive sites rather than just articles from now on).

One of the articles is a great Foreign Policy article about Singapore’s electronic surveillance policy, explaining how the government is watching Big Data to “protect national security [and] engineer a more harmonious society.”

Other topics include articles about the specificities of the academic job market, a start-up innovation program launched by Coca-Cola, a documentary about the creative brief, a cool creative filmmaking project launched in 3 world cities (including Paris), Google’s latest investment and more.

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My Favorite Readings In September: Advertising Contests, Spoiler-Proof TV Shows & Career-Boosting PhD’s

paris abandonned railway

Click to see “21 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization.” Here: Paris  (

Here are my favorite couple of articles and links of the month of September. The first one is not an article but a whole website, curated by a woman whose mother-in-law participated in advertising contests in the 40’s and 50’s, where she shares all the memorabilia of this creative contest activity. A great website to look at, especially if you are interested, like me, in creative contests.

The other links are related to the link between culture and innovation, culture and creativity, crowdsourcing for advertising and academia – fairly classical topics if you are among the followers of this blog. I hope you enjoy this selection of reads.

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Discussion With LEGO’s Community Strategist, Yun Mi Antorini

Yun Mi Antorini

LEGO, one of the most creative and loved brands in the world, attributes a big part of its success to its thriving fan community. Almost 10 million Facebook fans, over 180,000 Twitter followers or a 10,000+ member LEGO Ideas community show that the brand and its product have huge traction among kids and adults alike (watch this TED talk to have a short impression of the phenomenon). The company has not only recognized the power of this fanbase, realized how valuable it is, but they actively encourage its development and look for its well-being – from a passive observer to an active promoter.

I’ve already blogged about community management in a crowdsourcing setting, now here’s an interview of LEGO’s “Community Strategist,” Yun Mi Antorini, whose job is – basically- to make that community happy (how cool is that?). Continue reading →

My Favourite Readings in July: Cycling In The Eurotunnel & The Cost Of Top Academic Papers

Image via @HistoricalPics

Image via @HistoricalPics

Here are 10 tweets from July, which are my preferred articles and readings of the month. You’ll notice that cycling is more present than usually – July is the month of the Tour de France – but innovation, academia and creativity are also featured in this month’s favourite links.

I also had the chance to attend the 12th Open & User Innovation Conference at Harvard Business School, which was a great event to meet fellow researchers and stay up to date with trends around crowdsourcing. Now I’m back in Paris and look forward to a couple of easy summer weeks in the city, which is much more quiet when everyone is away for holidays on the beach.

Enjoy the links.

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My Favorite Readings in April: Crowd Innovation, Some Research Findings & Strong Runners

Click on this photo to read another of my favorite reads of April

Click on this photo to read another of my favorite reads of April

Last month, I started sharing some links that I thought were particularly interesting. I hope you enjoyed the readings about crowds, the academic discussions and some of the videos. Today,  here are some articles and links I have enjoyed in April, or tweets I’d like to share again with you. Continue reading →

Can’t The French Do Better Than That? #Creativity #Consumer #Innovation

Image via La Fabrique à A Innovation's newsletter (click to read)

Image via La Fabrique à A Innovation’s newsletter (click to read)

A couple of weeks ago, I published a post about French competitors of Quirky. I briefly presented 3 of them: Nov’In, MyKompany and La Fabrique à Innovations (The Innovation Factory, in French). Earlier this week I received their newsletter in which they announced that they were moving to bigger offices in Marseille (South-East), leaving Narbonne (South-West). I think this is great news and I’d like to congratulate them very sincerely; it’s a good step for this promising French start-up to develop and push consumer creativity in France. However, what bugged me in the newsletter is the presentation of products currently being developped. Continue reading →

Présentation sur le crowdsourcing et l’innovation collaborative chez @BELGroup

BEL Group Inspiring Lunch Crowdsourcing

Hier, grâce à la recommandation d’un ami doctorant, j’ai eu le plaisir de faire une présentation sur l’innovation collaborative et le crowdsourcing chez BEL Group (Leerdammer, La Vache Qui Rit, Kiri etc.). L’objectif était d’inspirer les équipes marketing à de façons de faire du marketing autrement, à leur présenter ce qu’il se passait à la marge des pratiques dominantes. Bien que le crowdsourcing devient de plus en plus mainstream, c’est encore une pratique peu connue. J’espère avoir apporté ma contribution au “Inspiring Lunch” organisé par BEL hier. Pour les curieux, voici (ci-dessous) une partie de ma présentation. Continue reading →